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Rich & Famous v2!

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Rich & Famous v2! Empty Rich & Famous v2!

Post by zobat78 on Wed 26 Jun 2013, 16:31

HEY ALL!!! Remember this post?
Well...I apologize for anyone that wanted updates from that lot (If there even is anyone). I couldn't continue with that lot anymore because of all the outrageous things that the Sims 3 have made. (E.g. hot air balloon/bonfire in university)
A COMPLETE REVAMP was required...which was exactly what I did!
BEHOLD! Rich & Famous v2!
Lot Name: Rich & Famous v2
Size: 60 X 60
Lot Based Off: 10 Summer Hill Court in Sunset Valley (Up on the hill where all the 3 huge lots are)
Cost: $3,006,345 without land value
You can use the “freerealestate true” cheat to get your people into this wonderland!
Description: Bigger and better than before. An ALL-IN-ONE house that offers everything the Sims have to offer. Be blown away by this epic residential lot that only the rich and famous can enter! There’s so much to see! From exact repicas of the ice lounge & le cinema plumbob to GIGANTIC playroom for kids to a great looking garage and a cool looking tropical party area next to a great pool! IT IS THE MUST HAVE HOUSE! Built all the way to the very last detail!
Requirement: EVERYTHING the Sims 3 have to offer...All expansion packs/Stuff packs/Store contents/Premium contents. Not that hard to do with G4TW
Custom Contents: NONE. Everything is from the official Sims 3
Improvements: All in 1 building instead of many small scattered buildings with small linkways (excluding greenhouse/horse ranch/pool area). More space for horses (Door is now outside). A lot more integration of items so that it looks more like a home. Better rooms for more people (University styled). A great movie room/supernatural room/ice lounge/pool area. A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS JUST CHECK IT OUT!
Mods that i use: Nraas mods found here. Professional mods so should not interfere with anything
Download Linkhttps://goo.gl/SNEdAP
(My own link since there is no exchange yet)
Download Instruction:

  1. Download the 3 files ("Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.001", "Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.002" and "Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.003") from the link above

  2. Download HJSplit here. Choose your suitable platforms

  3. Extract HJSplit.zip

  4. Run HJSplit.exe which appears after extracting

  5. Join the 3 file ("Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.001", "Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.002" and "Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack.003") together

  6. Place the file ("Rich & Famous v2.Sims3Pack") into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads

  7. Run Sims 3 Launcher and install Rich & Famous v2.

Downside: Due to the epicness of the lot, the file is UBER big, downloading might take a while, uploading will take a while, placing the lot will take a while, loading the lot will take a while, leaving the lot after playing will also take a while...BUT IT'S AN ALL IN ONE MAGNIFICENT lot...a little waiting doesn't matter!
Game Version: Latest 1.55
Side Note: I'M SUPER PROUD OF THIS LOT! 8)8)Cool
PicsAlbum here
Rich & Famous v2! Screenshot
Rich & Famous v2! Screenshot-141
Rich & Famous v2! Screenshot-7

What’s next in my list: a 5-Star “All-Inclusive” resort! (If I have the time to make before my hols end) 
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Rich & Famous v2! Empty Re: Rich & Famous v2!

Post by inoxent on Sun 03 Nov 2013, 20:41

Might use both lots if after getting all sims3 get enough space for both lol love the main entrance on the 2nd one and the pool on the middle of the garden on the 1st one tongue


I have a problem when i place the lot the screen goes black for a undefined time and then if i click on the windows key after 25-30mins the game just freezes it happens when i try to place both the V1 and V2 of the lots it never reaches the end and the lots never end begin placed i even tryied to place only 1 of them but it never gets placed Rich & Famous v2! Icon_sad

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Rich & Famous v2! Empty Re: Rich & Famous v2!

Post by ANDREWjkl on Fri 14 Feb 2014, 06:05

Seems pretty cool! ^^
Nice Work!
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