Mermaid birth.

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Mermaid birth. Empty Mermaid birth.

Post by miruna98 on Sat 10 Aug 2013, 16:11

Heii . This is my mermaid sim's birth . Actualy , at first I thought my sim is getting fat so I took her to the gym all day to take off weight. I swear I never saw that happening , I mean .. WooHoo .. So I was shocked Smile) . A sim can woohoo on their own initiative? Wat.  Anyway , when my sim found out that she's pregnant , I found that out too . I was thinking .. if I'm the owner of this caracter .. I would be a grandma ? affraid lol!  . So .. this is my caracter from the moment I was thinking I should share with you my "story" . 

Mermaid birth. 111

*She's cute,I know :">*

 Mermaid birth. Stay10 Mermaid birth. Walk11 Mermaid birth. Nap10 
Mermaid birth. Readin10

 I was nervous because I expect her to give birth, and she was doing all sorts of activities. I was like : Girl! You want me going crazy for real? Birth today !! You want to see me mad? Facepalm 

Mermaid birth. Pushin10

After yearssssss ( Just kidding - after a while ) she started having birth . I was something like .. OMG ! YES ! YES ! It's happening ! So .. she started and , after 10 minutes of giving birth ( real minutes ) she decided to go to hospital . drunken Why couldn't she go straight to hospital and not make me wait for nothing ?? + she was SWIMING all the way to hospital . Suspect 

Mermaid birth. Crazy_10 

This man was the most scared of all members of that resort. HaHa

Mermaid birth. Mother10 

And .. After a while .. Tadaaaa . Girl's name is June ( I like tha name Cool  ) and she was born with clumsy trait . Not surprising scratch   .

Mermaid birth. Daught10

Aaaand . That's my niece . No ? Very Happy  .
Hope you enjoyed and .. Have a nice day .  I love you

Ah , I almost forgot . Sorry for my bad language . drunken


Mermaid birth. Ts3w_210

Just haved her first birthday party and .. She's a mermaid !! I'm so excited . <3

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