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Post by blackrosemakridou on Fri 30 Aug 2013, 11:56

i did see every video of sims 4 and try to read articles about it as many as i could.
the way u can create a sim and the way that u can build is cool and i like it. 
i like to see that they do have imotions... but the sims 4 is more like the sims 2.5 
what i mean is that this should be the sims 3 and sims 3 should be sims 4. couse i feel is a step back and not for.
ok it is too soon to say something, and bad thing is that theres not more videos. i hope theres more couse is to pure (hope i write it right) now. 
i wonder the pre-order will they get it this year; did it say almost 50 euros/dollars; in uncomplete version; couse it is true, than is to many money. how would they cost the other expansions,stuffs, etc; 
that doesnt mean that i will not go from sims 3 to sims 4 i love this game a lot.
god to know that this will be not heavy. that means that can every pc-lap top play that game. so i have read. hope that means that doesnt have many bugs.
god to know that is offline. hope this will not be a online the sims game. couse not everybody on the world has internet on the house, or 24 hours internet. 
this is what i have to say for now.
wait about u opinion about the game. Very Happy

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the sims 4 Empty Re: the sims 4

Post by cagil99 on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 11:35

The CAS is so cool I liked it, the way you "sculpt" the sim to your liking, NO MORE SLIDERS YAY \o/. The emotions of simmies improved so much. Its so expensive though dunno maybe its price decrease. And they haven't mentioned about multiplayer realtime gaming I hope game includes this or I'll just go insane.

But well, I thought sims 4 graphics would be better not be cartoon like that. I dunno maybe its more cartoon because of its still in development. That was disappointing though but maybe graphics like that will increase FPS and it will be more stabile(I hope).

The game looks like The Sims Social(in facebook)+The Sims Freeplay(Smartphone Game)+Sims 2 to me lol.

I heard somewhere that a person asked a girl working for Sims 4 in gamescom mentioning the hairs in game must be improved and the girl said these hairs gonna be improved and stuff.

Nvm these are just my thoughts lol.

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