Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!]

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Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!] Empty Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!]

Post by Admin on Fri 18 Oct 2013, 20:16

*Disclaimer* when asking for a re-seed request, we assume that you have read and fully understood all of the above Rules. In case not, we will just ignore and/or DELETE your request, no exceptions.

Hello everyone,

In order to request a re-seed, your post should meet the following guidelines:

Arrow  The torrent that you wish to see "re-seeded" has been uploaded by Games4theworld, and NOT by any other uploader.

Arrow  The torrent in question has FEWER THAN 2 seeders.

Arrow  This automatically means that you can NEVER request a re-seed for any "The Sims" game, because those ALL have more than 2 seeders.

Arrow BEFORE REQUESTING A RE-SEED, please configure your Bittorrent client correctly first: - Most low download speeds are caused by an incorrectly configured Bittorrent client. In addition, consider updating your torrent client if there are updates available.

Arrow  As hinted in the guide linked in the previous point, port forwarding can be crucial as well. A starting platform on which you can learn about the basics, can be found here:

Arrow  Sometimes a torrent download does not start immediately; under some circumstances (old/slower computer, old/fragmented harddrive, etc.) it can take several minutes for a download to start. Please try and bring up some patience before posting a re-seed request here. Beyond that, take into account that seeders may only be active at certain times of the day, so you should try downloading something (if it seems to have not many seeds) over several days, and if possible at different times of a day too. This aspect will be especially the case with some of our older torrents. Again, please undertake this "testing period" on your own before you post a re-seed request on the Forum.

Arrow  Bittorrent trackers don't really matter anymore for you being able to connect to other peers/seeders, so don't ask for them. Instead, make sure to activate DHT in your torrent clients.

Arrow  For the following (older) G4TW torrents, we may not be able to guarantee consistent re-seeding. However, you can still post these requests here, in order for other users to jump into the occasion. Plus, while we may not be able to provide a re-seed, we may be able to come up with a more individual solution to your request. Someone will get in touch with you in case of such an event, and if possible. 

- Bioshock 2
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
- Call of Duty: World At War
- Dragon Age: Origins
- Football Manager 2010
- Guitar Hero: World Tour

- Mass Effect
- Mass Effect 2
- Portal 2
- The Saboteur

Arrow  The following G4TW releases are "discontinued" in terms of seeding and Support. You are still welcome to post about them on the Forums here, but you will likely only get a reply along the lines that the download doesn't work anymore, and that you should go for a legal copy and/or a different repack.

- CounterStrike: Source
- Anno 2070
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2
- AVG Internet Security 9
- ESET NOD 32 Antivirus 4.0.468.0
- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0
- Trojan Remover
- Camtasia Studio 8.4 (the company introduced counter-measures to the effect of rendering "illegal copies" un-usable too).

Arrow  Finally, be friendly when asking for a re-seed. It's sad that we have to emphasize that, but still. Don't get mad because e.g. there are allegedly only two seeders for your torrent, and you still cannot seem to get a decent download speed ("just enough seeders to not be allowed to post a request, but speeds are still too slow"). Or because you do not like any of these rules. We are all human beings, just like you, and not machines. Should you feel that your particular request does "not quite 100%" match the rules outlined here, you are more than welcome to post a re-seed request; in that case you should explain in a calm, reasonable and polite manner why exactly you feel that a particular rule does not or should not apply to your problem. We will - as we tend to do with many other aspects of our Support - try to come up with an individual(ized) solution for you, at our discretion.

Arrow  Re-seed request topics will be closed and removed from public view, after a week of being opened.

Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!] Btn_donate_LG to Games4theworld

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Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!] Empty Re: Re-seed Request Rules / Guidelines. [READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING HERE!]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 16 Oct 2019, 22:10

Re-Seed Request Rules updated and slightly overhauled on 16-10-2019!

Please take note of the passage about the "discontinued" torrents (the small list with purple items). Stay tuned for further information.

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