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Post by solsito on Wed 11 Dec 2013, 14:50

The Sims 4 Community Spotlight:  Darkslayer

Darkslayer shares her thoughts on The Sims 4 graphics on The Sims 3 forums.  Thank you for your post, Darkslayer, I enjoyed reading it.

TS4 Graphics?  Thoughts?

To be honest, I didn’t feel this way. The jump between TS1 to TS2 was significant because suddenly we had gone from 2D graphics to full 3D – it was amazing and a drastic improvement but then IMHO TS2 was what a true sequel ought to be, a vast improvement on the original in multiple areas. With TS3 however I wasn’t blown away and I found that suddenly the sims has become bloated and more dough-like, whatever definition they’d had in their faces had been completely taken away along with my ability to actually make two sims and not have them look almost identical to one another without going to stupid extremes and yet nothing had really been given in return other than CASt which eh, I personally never really cared for. 

Whenever I’ve looked back and compared TS2 sims to TS3 sims the only thing that I can really find different about them in a positive sense is how much smoother the lines became, other than that? I hate the TS3 sims. I’m feeling a lot more optimistic about the TS4 sims; CAS has been the most detailed that I have ever seen it IMHO which means the potential for creating some really amazing sims is definitely there and whenever I look at a TS4 sim my immediate thoughts do not turn to ‘got to get rid of the pudding’ like they always have with TS3. 

Then there’s the environment itself; I’ve never really had any complaints about any of the graphics in terms of the surrounding world because aside from a few niggling gripes that were more to do with limitations on technology the games world has always looked nice but from what little I’ve seen of TS4 so far I’m honestly loving it. The world looks so lush and vibrant and I’m itching to see first-hand what kind of detail is going to be involved. 

I think my only complaint is more of a personal preference thing – I’m really hoping that I can still slide in the decay and grunge that I love so much but as of right now with what little I’ve seen the game does look very happy valley and picturesque, not ideal for me personally but something I can work with if I change the angle of the stories I usually invent in my head (after all, there are plenty of ‘perfect’ towns that are very sinister behind the scenes, muhwahahahaha!) 

All in all? I really like the look of TS4, I think it’s a genuine improvement over TS3 and I’m looking forward to seeing some actual non-EA staged footage of the game in action.


Peter Ingebretson, lead gameplay engineer on The Sims 4, and software engineer, Max Rebushatis, will be hosting a session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 17 - 21, 2014. They’re covering the techniques used to create “convincing concurrent behaviors”, i.e., multitasking in The Sims 4. 

Concurrent Interactions in The Sims 4

In real life, people often do several things at the same time, but games typically limit agents to performing actions sequentially. For The Sims 4, we developed a system for authoring interactions that allows simulated people (called Sims) to express multiple concurrent behaviors. Interactions are largely data-driven and are defined in terms of constraints, which specify the state a Sim must be in to perform the interaction. Constraints are used to test whether interactions are compatible, and to drive decisions that Sims make about whether, how and where to perform an interaction. This system allows Sims in The Sims 4 to convincingly eat, watch TV, chat with other Sims, express emotion, and perform many more behaviors simultaneously. We believe that this powerful and simple technique could be applied to a similar effect in your game too.


Attendees will learn a powerful and practical technique for defining composable behaviors using constraints. Constraints can drive decision-making and allow multiple behaviors to be expressed simultaneously. This technique allows characters in The Sims 4 to eat, watch TV, and socialize with other Sims, all while sitting, expressing anger, and much more.

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Sims 4 Empty Re: Sims 4

Post by Nenne on Tue 17 Dec 2013, 11:03

I adore the new art style. It's beautiful and it came at a needed time: Maxis really had to bring something fresh to the game's aesthetic and they've delivered fantastically. The almost-claylike appearance of the sims is a unique touch and very poetic given the nature of Sims gameplay.


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