Roaring Heights - what are your first impressions and comments

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Roaring Heights - what are your first impressions and comments

Post by Ashkevron on Sun 15 Dec 2013, 14:01

So I have only had it for a little bit but thought I would put in some of my first impressions and comments.

First, it is a much smaller world than I expected.  There is a vast area that seems to be unused and to be honest rather pointless.  Although I wonder if it can be accessed using the caw tool and hope to see some redone neighbourhoods taking advantage of all that empty land.

The clothing is amazing as are the houses.  They have really captured the tone of the roaring twenties.  The boardwalk venue is definitely a great little piece of real estate although trying to follow your sim through all the ups and downs is difficult.  By the way I have used this for store content and it doesn't seem to need updating in order to take advantage of the boardwalk stuff.  I was able to download the boardwalk from here and use it immediately and I can only surmise that the store fix in the following torrent enabled it somehow.


Overall I like the world, although again, rather disappointed in the rather small size of playable world and the large seemingly unplayable part of the world.  But the actual content...clothes, lots and so on is pretty amazing actually.  This will likely be in my top 3 or 5 of favourite worlds.  Currently my faves are Sunlit Tides, Lucky Palms and Riverview from EA....and Union Cove and Jericho as custom worlds.

Thanks for fixing that for me Carlos and I apologize.  I need to re-read the rules so I don't mess up on something like that again.  For those who are interested if you do a search on piratebay for Sims 3 Store November 2013.  It's a package and decrapified sims file that has all store content up to Nov as well as the premium content and store fix.  Not sure why the november fix allows the roller coaster to work but it does.  It is a huge download though as it does include ALL store content, you would have to decide if an 11 gig download is worth doing it now or simply waiting for a little bit to get the G4TW fix.  I already had the fix so it was no big deal for me.

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- Carlos

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Re: Roaring Heights - what are your first impressions and comments

Post by ohlala_lola on Sun 22 Dec 2013, 08:07

I'm loving it so far. I adore all 1920s era things! I already have my Gatsby family! I do have to say this is my favorite world. I do agree that there is a lot of land that could be used...I may just use CAW.


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Re: Roaring Heights - what are your first impressions and comments

Post by sims3hope on Fri 03 Jan 2014, 11:28

I was exited to play it. To me, when I first saw the world, I thought it looked like a cleaner and crisper Bridgeport. Then, when I moved in my house and go a closer look at the town, I immediately got the 30s and 40s feel especially when neighborhood people come to your house to welcome you. As for the roller coaster, I was disappointed. As you said, it was hard to follow them. And plus I hate how there are many levels/stories. I don't think I will ever use the town or roller coaster ever again. The houses were too small and it took way too much time to add the venue just for a minute of disappointing and hard to follow roller coaster.But hey, how can I complain? It was free. I'm just glad I didn't spend $40+ on it. How can ANYONE spend that much on a town? There was nothing special. Overall it just wasn't my thing, the whole "30s" theme. 
I'd give it a 4/10

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