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Rust Empty Rust

Post by trojen100 on Thu 09 Jan 2014, 19:51

If you have played Dayz or heard about it well this game is a combination of dayz and minecraft in this game you spawn naked carrying a rock and a mid-kit and a torch you have to survive the zombies and also the other players while trying to stay alive you can gather resources from hitting the tree with the rock you carry and you can gather rocks from hitting rocks you can also build shelter and a big house just as you desire and you must watch out about those wild animals 
note that this game is still in alpha phase but I have found a copy that is cracked and non-steam and dont be amayzed if you found too many hackers
hope i see you in game my name is GrimReaper if you joined the game just ask for me and we could form a group
if you enter the game just join these server: net.connect
if you have any problem with starting the game post it here and i could help you
here is the link for the torrent game:[Pre-Cracked][No_Steam]
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