Merging .sims3pack files question

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Merging .sims3pack files question Empty Merging .sims3pack files question

Post by fantasticbaby on Fri 07 Mar 2014, 11:47


So I've recently learned how to create custom decors (specifically paintings) in sims 3 using your own pictures and I've created around 20 of them with let's say pictures of the same brand of cars but using different styles of frames.

My question is if it would be possible to put all those 20 paintings in one download (with it still being .sims3pack files)? I know that when in buy mode when you click on an item you can like see different alternative colours/designs of the same item. So I was wondering if it can be done with the paintings I made?

Hopefully I made sense. 

Thank you!

p.s. please move this topic to the right one if i've gone and post this to the wrong place since i wasn't sure where to go. thank you Smile

Mod edit: Topic moved to the right section.

- Carlos


Merging .sims3pack files question Tumblr_mv756fuLWk1rumyjmo1_400
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