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Post by Enric on Sun 07 Sep 2014, 02:52

I played this game weeks ago, if anyone is interested... just ask me.

Among the Sleep 20120701-144137

This game would be classified as survival horror adventure. It's very different than other games I played before. You are a 2 years old toddler living with his mother. Apparently there is "no game in the game", but things change. The game mixes the reality that the toddler see through his eyes with his fears, dreams, memories and imagination.

After the opening video, you aren't really aware about what you have to do, but if you are a little smart you will find it alone. It is not too hard. With the time the goal looks more clear but the game becomes a bit more difficult, through this is not game a difficult game for sure. There are different surprises in the game that I won't talk about.

The first stage of the game is the house where you live, but at night, with everything looking surprisingly scary. The next scenarios get a bit weirder but are related with places that a kid can imagine. You are supposed to look for your mother. To do this you have to get objects that bring you memories. Your teddy bear will be your companion in your adventure.

Your actions are limited to a what a toddler can do: that's walk, crawl, climb furniture and move a bit some objects (though surprisingly he can move chairs). There are not weapons or nothing customizable.

I honestly recommend this game because the following reasons:
- Great 3D graphics with surprising shadows, water, darkness and light effects
- Both the game and the save files load fast (1000 times faster than the Sims LOL)
- Personally I have not experience any single bug, the game has not crashed any single time. Through my brother complains that he actually experiences these problems in the last parts)
- You have to play with both your eyes and ears, you can't listen to music or watch tv meanwhile
- The game surprises you from time to time
- Despite it's a scary game, it is not too scary. It is very far away from butchery-styled games and movies like SAW.

Bad points:
- If you are an expert player you will find the game too easy, and you will reach the end it in a single day. If you are not that expert it will take a few days, but hardly more than a week.
- It is not like the Sims, Minecraft or other games that you can play a lot of times, do new things and never get bored.
- Despite the game is not hard, you might be lost in some parts without know what you have to do, where to do or not being able to reach your goal
- Despite my good experience. My brother complained about bugs and crashes that in the last part of the game, that I have not experienced
- If you get scared easily and you don't like to be scared or you suffer from heart problems... well... then this game is not for you

I personally would give this game 8/10 points

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