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Current date/time is Wed 27 Jan 2021, 06:35


We are closing the Forum, to prepare for the move onto the new Games4theworld-website, which you can find under

The .club address of the old Forum here will eventually redirect to the above new domain.

This - hopefully short - intermediary phase will be utilized to clean up the old Forum from download links and some other stuff, not only because we are moving to a new website, but also to further reduce chances of Forum takedowns, as we intend to keep the old Forum as a read-only archive.

The new website, at least at the beginning, will be merely a repository for download links. Over time, more FAQs, tutorials and other info will be added.

And yes, the newest "The Sims 4 - Ghosts" update/DLC will also be posted on the new .site eventually, so stay tuned.

Estimated time for going live with the new website is Wednesday January 27th @ 2PM Central European Time (C.E.T), which is 8AM Eastern Standard Time (E.S.T). Here's some music in the meantime, for you to enjoy if you like. :p