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Request for stereo

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Request for stereo Empty Request for stereo

Post by Bandit1 on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 21:05

Hi, I would like to request for someone to make a mesh of a Pioneer VSX-D412 A/V Receiver, the Pioneer HTP-230 home theater system (includes the VSX-D412 in it), and finally, the Pioneer DV-363 DVD player system for me, if at all possible, with movable speakers (Could be separate as a decorative object?) and the Sub-woofer. I know it's really specific, but I own one in real life, and I love it, and wanted to put one into the game but couldn't find a mesh of one anywhere... Probably since it is so specific... That's why I am putting in this request, because I'm not very good at making my own meshes... I can't even make them stop looking like cubes in blender... But for someone who knows what they're doing, this should be easy.

This may also be a little two much, but on the display area, could you please put "Z106" where the Station Display is at?

Whoever decides to take on this undertaking will have my appreciation, thank you.

Oh yeah, for the Sims 3 please.

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