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How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE]

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How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Empty How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 17 Nov 2014, 10:41

Update on 18-12-2015: as of the "Get together"-update, EA seems to have included an option in the in-game menu, to turn off those tutorials. See the screenshot here:

How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Ts4_tu10

Make sure that the box named "Tutorials" is unmarked. That also means, you do NOT need to do the procedure below anymore.  I will therefore close this topic now, as it has become de-facto obsolete. Have fun again ! Very Happy 


A little bit late, yes, but after lots of in-game testing, today is the day I'm going to show you how to de-activate (most of) the annoying "tutorials" inside The Sims 4. If you already played the game by now, you will certainly have noticed these ultra-annoying things - the commonly feared and hated...tutorials. Like the following one. Suspect

How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Screen10

For some weird reason, EA/Maxis have not included an in-game option to turn these annoying pop-ups off completely. And as long as such an option is not included, this tutorial here will be updated. Very Happy  So here we go.

1) If you have just finished installing the game, please start the game. And then, once you get to the main menu, you can exit the game again. If you have already played for a while, you can skip this "step" of course, and go on with the next:

2) Navigate to the following location: (My) Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4. You *should* be able to see a file with the name Options.ini - please open that file. Now please edit the following line, according to the screenshot:

How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Screen11

Originally, the line will look like this: tutorialenabled = 1. You should therefore change the "1" into a "0" (that's the digit ZERO, and not the letter "O" from the alphabet !). Then click on "File" in the top left corner of the window and choose "Save". Exit the document then. That is the first thing you should do. Then go on with this:

3) Please download the file from this link:

When you get to the MEGA-page, simply click on the "Download to this computer"-button. This is basically the UserSetting.ini file from my game. It contains data which "tricks" the game into believing that you have viewed all (or at least most of) the tutorials. Why can't I tell you to edit the respective documents yourselves ? The reason is this:

When you start the game the first time after installing, not all "lines" will appear in your usersetting-file. This means: for all the tutorials to show up, you must actually TRIGGER them, by simply playing the game, and waiting for the tutorials to show up. In making this document (from the download link I just posted), I have actually clicked through (hopefully most) tutorials in-game. Yes, I actually read them and clicked through everything that showed up in my game so far. This way of downloading a file and simply using it is the most efficient way for this guide, I believe.

Back to topic: once you downloaded the file onto your computer, please COPY the file (right-click on it and select "copy"). Now you need to navigate to (My) Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 and PASTE the file there (right click on that location and select "paste"). If you are prompted to replace the old file, confirm with yes - so please choose "copy and replace".

If you want, you can backup the old file, before pasting the new one. But it shouldn't do you any harm if you simply replace your existing UserSettings.ini file. Besides all those tutorial lines, there are a couple of my personal "UI" (user interface) settings in the file, like the height/size of all those in-game sim panels. I don't think they will bother any of you, but you can change those at your leisure and on your own then, if you want.

4) Now after that...start the game and enjoy it, without tutorials. Very Happy  Please note that while I've taken great care to "catch" as many tutorials as possible, this guide - again - is not a 100% definite guide on removing all of these nasty pop-ups. The file in my download link contains the data *as of now*. It is theoretically possible that if you try some in-game interactions, which I have not done so far in my own game, then you could encounter some of these pop-ups that I simply missed. I'm sorry for that, should it happen, but I will continue working on this and update the file/guide regularly.

*Some additional background notes for the interested reader*

I.) Please, NEVER click on the "RESET" button under "Reset Tutorial" in your options menu, shown here:

How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Screen12

If you do that, you will have to edit the UserSetting.ini file on your own. You need to change all lines beginning with tutorialtip_[code] to the digit "1" (because they will all revert to "0"). This is highly annoying, and believe me: you certainly don't want to waste time on that. Wink 

II.) As of now, the system which triggers those tutorials is still a partial riddle for me. Look at this screenshot:

How to deactivate tutorials in TS4. [OBSOLETE] Screen10

I got this one just yesterday, although I have used and placed the pools in my game right on the day the update with the pools came out. I have no explanation as to why certain tutorials appear with "delay", at present. It is possible that certain stuff will only pop up after you have viewed some of the old tutorials, but this is only a theory.

And this is another reason why there could still be some tutorials that will show up in your game, even after you did this procedure (correctly). Moreover, things like that contributed to the delay of this guide. I eventually decided to wait more with writing this guide, in favor of having more time for playtesting.

But in the end I do hope that this will help you get rid of at least the majority of the pop-ups. Good luck, have fun and do check back regularly to see if I updated the guide here (check the DATE of the topic title !).  Smile

Mod edit (October 9th 2015): topic is now locked. In the event that you have questions, please open a new topic here. If you want to leave a "thank you-note", feel free to do so here.

- Carlos
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