How do you get?

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How do you get? Empty How do you get?

Post by Cameronyulee on Tue 09 Dec 2014, 03:08

Is it possible to get disco lights in sims 3 or any do so stuff etc



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How do you get? Empty Re: How do you get?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 09 Dec 2014, 21:21

@Cameronyulee wrote:Is it possible to get disco lights in sims 3 or any do so stuff etc



There are disco lights included in the game (I think you must have the "Late Night"-expansion installed for that). Look in Buy-mode under Hobbies & Entertainment -> Party. Not sure though if that's what you're looking for.

I also know that there is a fog emitter in the base game of Sims 3, which can be found under "Buydebug". Hope this helps !

P.S. now that I come to think of it, the disco lights come together with a dance floor, in different sizes. And these lights can be found in Buydebug too.

How do you get? ZlMMeKp

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