Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED]

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Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED] Empty Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED]

Post by A_Kitty_Ate_My_Lunch on Tue 30 Aug 2011, 19:26

My Sims Medieval game crashed after the game attempted to build a wall around the city. It was working just fine up until that point. So, then I updated the game to the most current & applied the newest fix. Well, now it just keeps closing to the desktop. I have completely uninstalled the game, I plan to reinstall. What do you recommend I do to help resolve this? I was thinking about trying the temp fix & using a different registration key. Maybe I should play with my computer's internet disabled. I noticed when the game froze & tried to build a fence the EA download manager was running.

I am a total noob at this. Please help. Thanks! Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED] 1490881299

Oh Sims Medieval - I love to hate you

EDIT: I also uninstalled the EA download manager. Not sure what your stance is on it, but I don't like how it just pops up & starts downloading updates & such. And yes, I am a bit paranoid. Thanks for asking


Install #2

Upon startup the game said that unrecognized information was detected and that it may cause the game to have glitches or freeze. (sorry forgot the correct wording)

So I just closed that window & kept going. Well the game wouldn't let me place the castle or enter create a sim. It just freezes up.

Note: This time I updating the game & applied the newest fix. Not sure what's going on.



It seems that the serial code that I used previously no longer work. Both of them. Just a curious thing I noticed. Hopefully a solution will soon present itself

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Install #3

Ok, so I reinstalled the Sims Medieval, again. This time I did not update the game prior to applying the Sims Medieval fix. Also, did not install EA Download Manager. I should note that I play the game while my computer is disconnected form the internet. I seem to be going strong so far. The only problem is I don't have the benefit of the patches from EA so the game will have it's usual glitches. As long as I can play I am happy.

Hope this will help someone else going through the same problems.
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Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED] Empty Re: Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED]

Post by Admin on Wed 31 Aug 2011, 15:52


I'm glad that you can play. Though, I don't think it's a problem if you connect to the internet, since it might only prompt you to update - which it probably even won't since you don't have the EA Download Manager/Origin installed -, but you can just press "Cancel" and play the game.

I know that these problems are pretty annoying, but I hope they all vanish with the release of Pirates and Nobles!

Sims Medieval crashed after building fence. [SOLVED] Btn_donate_LG to Games4theworld

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