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Update regarding Games4theworld's "The Sims 3"-Exchange. [UPDATED ON 05-12-2016]

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Update regarding Games4theworld's "The Sims 3"-Exchange. [UPDATED ON 05-12-2016] Empty Update regarding Games4theworld's "The Sims 3"-Exchange. [UPDATED ON 05-12-2016]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 17 Feb 2015, 17:18

Dear users,

You might have noted it already: due to "technical difficulties" (see this here), many download links for items in our "The Sims 3" Exchange-section were not working anymore. 

After some discussions on how to proceed further in this, we can now report that most of the issues have been fixed now ! Note that - regarding a number of items that were not affected by the issue - I have decided NOT to "shorten" the URLs of these links for now. We may convert these remaining URLs over time too, but the reason I decided not to is to minimize the risk of the items getting lost again, in case of future "technical difficulties". The downside is that because (some of) these URLs are un-shortened, you will get an "AdFly"-popup, which might be annoying. We apologize for that, and as mentioned, we might shorten more & more links over time. 

Everything that was corrected has been marked by me, usually by a "Mod edit"-notice. Everything else is either working - or not.

I would also like to emphasize that these AdFly-popups are NOT an initiative by Games4TheWorld. We're not earning anything by these popups. The only ones who earn money are the folks at Forumotion; who pay for the hosting of our forum. Also, the thing with the non-working goo.gl shortlinks was also out of our hands.

To avoid these problems altogether in the future, we will now systematically backup ALL submitted Sims Exchange items on the forum. As of now, we unfortunately did not do this in a systematic fashion - this will now change. And in the long run, all those exchange items will probably be uploaded to the download server. So should there really be more problems in the future, we will have easy access to the missing items, and be able to re-upload them quickly.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Exchange-topics, with non-working links. If anybody of you (including of course the topic creators) still has any of those items, feel free to reply to this topic or send us a message. Likewise, if you discover more non-working links, feel free to reply to this thread too. 

TS3 Exchange - Lots:




TS3 Exchange - CAS Parts:




TS3 Exchange - Mods:



http://games4theworld.forumotion.com/t14470-lhsgi-mod   ( -> 2 of the links are not working anymore, but there is 1 link intact)

TS3 Exchange -  Worlds:


Our apologies for any inconveniences. Big thanks again to all users who made the "Exchange" section of TS3 possible on here; and thanks to all of you in advance for any feedback or comments/suggestions on this matter. Update regarding Games4theworld's "The Sims 3"-Exchange. [UPDATED ON 05-12-2016] Icon_smile  

Have fun again !
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