Please, I need your help!!!

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Please, I need your help!!! Empty Please, I need your help!!!

Post by ZeldAlice on Sun 10 May 2015, 22:44

Hello, I really need your help. I downloaded this patch to make my The Sims Medieval work (because I got that damn Windows 8 ), followed its instructions but still it's not working. I dunno if I should have waited with updating until I had moved those files into the BIN section from the patch from you on the Medieval section of the unZipped file, and from there then updated. Can that be the error of mine, that I should have waited with updating until I had moved those files, and from there THEN updated. But there's also another problem, when I'm to move the Crack-files unto BIN, the TMS file won't work moving, because when I try to replace it it just says "You don't have permission to these files" or something like that. Do you guys understand what I'm talking about, and what can I do about this? Also, what to do when installing Pirates and Nobles If I got the main Medieval Sims game to work? Will Pirates and Nobles really work?

Also, the worst is that I tried EA's "help" article by uninstalling my Sims Medieval and redeem the code and then downloading it via Origin. The worst is that the downloading stays on "Preparing Download" and then it just stops it and says "Download failed" or something like that. So I'm completely unable to download the updated version even of my Sims Medieval game. F*ck EA!!!!!!

So here I am, and this all is driving me mad and nuts, and thus I really need your help on this since you created this crack which seems to work for everybody else. I want it to work for me to since I believe this may be the only way I can even hop to play this game ever again. So please, I need your help!

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Please, I need your help!!! Empty Re: Please, I need your help!!!

Post by Sim Architect on Mon 01 Jun 2015, 16:28

Hi and welcome to our Forum!

Do you have a common user account or one with administrative privileges?

When you install games and programs, whenever possible, you are supposed to "run as administrator", for a better installation experience.

Sorry about not knowing much about Sim Medieval, I installed the Games 4 the World version a long time ago, following the instructions, and it worked fine. I did not like the game much, so I didn't play after the first day and never installed it again after I formatted/replaced my computer(s) since them.

If you don't have a licence for the game, you won't be able to use Origin to download it, sorry. You need to use the pirate "disk" version instead, then try downloading the custom content using Origin, "if" it lets you, or you have to find a pirate version of the Custom Content you want to use with your game, sorry.

Please, let's know if you figured things out (and how, so your experience can help others that face the same problem, eventually), or if we can help you somehow.

Have a great week!

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