Sims Medieval Error Please Help!!!

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Sims Medieval Error Please Help!!! Empty Sims Medieval Error Please Help!!!

Post by achud910 on Tue 20 Sep 2011, 00:42

I am fairly new to the website but would like to start off with saying thank you for all your hard work.

Secondly I am about to rip my hair out in frustration! Earlier today I downloaded Hidden Springs for sims 3, easily and effortlessly. It was my first download and it was there to my amazement! THANK YOU! But here is where I ran into trouble. I cam across The sims medieval: pirates & nobles and wanted to also add that to my collection. I was jacked. I read the forums for this quite avidly so I knew that I had to first update my medieval and to complete this I needed to restart my comp. Immediatly I got an electronic arts error which had never happened before so I assume it was from Hidden Springs. I tried running medieval to verify it was working before I downloaded the next, and it said that I had to verify my serial number. As I have the actual purchased game I entered my serial and it said there was an error with my serial number or my internet connection...Which it was neither. So I am wondering if it whatever was in the hidden springs cut off this?

Then I decided I was going to attempt to download the expansion and apply the fix. Now unfortunatey from the download list on your site this only lead me to two options open and save. Neither of these work on my pc and it keeps redirecting me when I hit open to some torrent downloader. When I downloaded the springs from Admin link in the forum it instantly downloaded off of the site in my browser. This is why I am so confused why its saying the file cannot be open? Can someone please help me because now my actual real game will not work and I cannot download the next or the fix with the link provided on the download page! AHHSims Medieval Error Please Help!!! 2830496658

& incase this help I have checked that when I am prompted in forums to go to the download, for example when "to download medieval fix click here" I am able to do this proceed and it will download but always proceeds with an error for opening. Hidden Springs did not have this problem BUT sims medieval or anything on the downloads page will not download, it just says open or save and windows has failed to open... please help


I am very sorry! I just restarted and retried and in fact medieval is up and running now SO the only issue I am now have is that the expansion will NOT download I can only open a blank browser window or "save"the file which when opened is just a blank browser window. I CAN download the ultimate fix but it again reads the error "windows cannot open this file"and then tries to find "fixes" on the web leading me away to other websites please help as I want to stay with you guys because like I said Hidden Springs worked AWESOME and your guys ROCK!

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Sims Medieval Error Please Help!!! Empty Re: Sims Medieval Error Please Help!!!

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Tue 20 Sep 2011, 09:43

Hidden Springs is a very simple file to download and use. The fix and the expansion for The Sims medieval require some extra work.
The expansion is a torrent file, I suspect you only downloaded the torrent file but not the actual torrent. You'll need utorrent to download the expansion.
After that you'll need winRAR (also available from G4TW) to open both the expansion and the fix.
Hidden Springs definitely didn't trigger EA into asking your serial for The Sims Medieval, so don't worry about that.
If you have any questions or another problem, don't hesitate to post. We're happy to help Very Happy.

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