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My thread has been deleted. Why ?

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My thread has been deleted. Why ? Empty My thread has been deleted. Why ?

Post by Guest on Sun 16 Aug 2015, 03:14



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My thread has been deleted. Why ? Empty Re: My thread has been deleted. Why ?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sun 16 Aug 2015, 03:29



I assume you are referring to the TS4 Ultimate fix thread, here:

If so, I indeed deleted a lot of off-topic/warez/question-posts from that thread, in the last two days. Why did I do that ? Because off-topic comments, questions and posts with torrent/warez links are not allowed in "Fixes-threads". Please look at the red notice at the end of the opening post. Look very closely. What does it say ? Also, see the message by the Admin here, toward the end of the thread:

@Admin wrote:~NOTE TO ALL~

Please note that this is NOT a discussion topic. Keep the "I can't wait!" and "CRACK IT NOW!" and "Can't you work faster" and "I'm so excited", and everything else that looks similar to what I mentioned, TO YOURSELF. These comments are not only annoying, they are NOT helping anyone either. Some even go as far as posting every few days about how impatient they are. That is really unnecessary and is only filling up this topic with off-topic information.

If you'd like to discuss this, open a new topic in the correct section INSTEAD.


A friendly reminder to all that posting outside links is NOT allowed on the Games4theworld Forum and Facebook Page. This is to protect our users from malicious links and downloads. See the Forum Rules here: http://games4theworld.forumotion.com/register 

Anyone posting outside links in this topic or anywhere else on the Forum risks a PERMANENT BAN.

Also note that if someone asks a question, and another user replies to it, we will delete BOTH the question and reply. For this type of stuff, we have the other subforums named "Downloads Support", "In-game Support", etc. The original idea behind those "Fixes"-threads was to post some sort of guide/tutorial, to allow people to post "thank you-messages", and then also to delete any other posts that show up there.

I am sorry if you feel offended at that, but the policy is clear: I'm not sure why so many people ignore or overlook the big bold red notices at the end of the Fixes-posts. I am aware that posting habits of people nowadays are very lax (due to the rise and omnipresence of social media), and in this sense, "old-fashioned" forums like this here or similar boards may be backward in certain respects.

But still, you should take your time and not post blindly wherever you like. You should preferably look if there is already an open discussion thread somewhere. And if you have a question of your own, you may open a new thread in the right section.

Again, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling offended, but then again: the policies have been laid out (i.e. the notices in bold red color). I did suggest to the Admins & other Mods a while ago already to just lock all those Fixes & Tips-threads. And while I have the permissions to do these actions myself I cannot (and do not want to) go forward without the "OK" of the other Admins/Mods. 
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