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Temporary The Sims 4 Ultimate fix (version OUT NOW !

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Temporary The Sims 4 Ultimate fix (version OUT NOW ! Empty Temporary The Sims 4 Ultimate fix (version OUT NOW !

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 19 Aug 2015, 03:00

A torrent version of the latest TS4 update can be found in this topic here:


As the Admin is currently on vacation, I was asked to jump in, and provide some form of temporary update of the new Sims 4 Ultimate fix. However, as I was battling with all sorts of technical problems in the last few days (my own internet connection being unstable right now, problems with the filehoster that I used, and even power outages on my end), I had to "compromise" and made changes to the usual way the Admin packs the stuff.

I basically had to split the whole download (which in total is about 4GB in size) in 5 parts, and you will need to download all 5 parts to get the complete Ultimate fix. 

As usual, all credits for providing the crack + game update files go to RELOADED. I only repacked the stuff. Smile

Here are the (install) notes now. Please take your time to read through this:

1) You will need to have a base game of Sims 4 installed already, in order to use this update. That base game can either be from RELOADED, or the one from Games4theworld. You do NOT need to have the "Get to Work"-expansion from Games4theworld installed - just the base game. If you do have "Get to Work", then apply the new fix nevertheless.

2) If you are "new to the game", and just downloaded TS4 (+ the new Ultimate fix), make sure to configure your anti-virus and firewalls properly. See this guide for an introduction to the subject matter.

3) As mentioned, you MUST download all 5 parts of the new Ultimate fix. After you are done with that, just open any part of the download (be it the part1.rar, the part2.rar, it doesn't matter), and extract all the contents into a new folder. Following that, you already have all the files you need. You do NOT need to mess with the other parts of the .RAR. It is enough to open one of the parts, and extract the files. For your convenience, I'll post the links here too (they can also be found in the main Ultimate fix post, of course): Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5.

4) Copy all those extracted contents to your Sims 4 install folder. If you got the base game from G4TW, the location will be C:\Program files(x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. When prompted, replace all existing files/folders. Important note: If you get an error called "Origin must be running", try moving the install folder "The Sims 4" to a different location. For example, move it directly under Program files(x86), so that the install location is C:\Program files(x86)\The Sims 4. Credits go to whoever found out about this fix (it wasn't me). Smile

5) Enjoy the game ! This new fix contains the following DLC: Outdoor Retreat, Holiday Party Pack, Get to Work, Luxury Party, Perfect Patio Stuff, Spa Day Pack & Cool Kitchen Stuff. Of course, the fix also updates your game version to, hence the download also contains the "Newcrest" neighborhood.

Note that I have deliberately named the download "temporary update", as this is only a...temporary solution. Very Happy As soon as the Admin returns, he will most likely re-upload the stuff again, with new links.

If anything is still unclear to you, please open a new thread in this subsection. If you want to chat, have a look here and one of the numerous open discussion threads there. And if you want to say "thanks", feel free to leave a note in this area

I apologize again if the download may look awkward, but it was the only way it could have been done, given the (dismal) circumstances. The alternatives would be for you to wait until the Admin returns from vacation, or go for the Reloaded-torrent straight away.

That's all there is to say from me now. Have fun ! The topic is closed. 


You should extract the .RAR files from the download with the program WinRAR only. Don't use any other program Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation  You can get WinRAR 5.21 from this site here (install instructions are included in the torrent):



Sim Architect has created a torrent for the latest update, see this topic here:

Many thanks to @Sim Architect for all the efforts involved in that. Temporary The Sims 4 Ultimate fix (version OUT NOW ! Icon_smile

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