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The Sims 2 Complete Collection OUT NOW! (Download link)

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The Sims 2 Complete Collection OUT NOW! (Download link) Empty The Sims 2 Complete Collection OUT NOW! (Download link)

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 25 Dec 2015, 19:27

Dear users,

This message is for letting you know that Games4theworld have (re-)released a torrent for The Sims 2: Complete Collection ! You can download it from https://goo.gl/qzQofR or from our official website at https://games4theworld.org/downloads .

Some important notes:

I. This is meant to be used for Windows OS only. Before you ask if this works on Mac, please note that we cannot tell, nor can we tell if we will be releasing the game for Mac OS too, at any point.

II. Take your time for reading the included instructions, as they are more difficult than e.g. the guide for Sims 3.

III. Make sure to have all available Windows updates downloaded and installed.

IV. While I don't know if it's essential here, you may also run the included DirectX installer in TS2. You can find it inside the download folder, under The Sims 2 (Base game) - Double Deluxe Edition\DirectX and then run the file dxsetup.exe.

V. About the in-game languages, the base game has a number of different languages, but the following expansions & stuffpacks only contain European languages. For example, the base game contains Greek, but the remaining expansions don't, so that may be a problem. If you want to get a preview of the language selection screens, download the small .RAR file from here: http://tinyurl.com/zmlxy4p. And then take a look at all screenshots there. Make sure that the language you prefer the game to be in, is available in ALL games ! To get back to my previous example, it's pointless to select Greek for the base game, when it is not available in the other expansions. We apologize for any inconveniences, but all these games were from the "European" CD/DVD region, despite the variety in languages.

VI. The game was tested by me on Windows 7 & 10. The Admin tested it on Windows 7 & 8. 

If you have any questions about the game, or you find anything unclear, feel free to post here. If you want to leave a 'thank you-note', you can do so in this subsection

Have fun with the game !
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