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Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED]

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Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED] Empty Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED]

Post by Guest on Thu 31 Mar 2016, 23:03

Anyone know how to install WorldEdit locally?

I tried installing WorldEdit 6.1 for MC 1.8 with Forge but the when I attempt to generate a new world (or open an old world), the game crashes.

Any advice?


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Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED] Empty Re: Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED]

Post by SeoY on Fri 01 Apr 2016, 16:49

Hi, knorella! Very Happy

Is this the one you downloaded?

Are you sure you are using both the version of Forge and the version of Minecraft specified? And if you keep the Launcher Log/Game Output, are there any errors when it crashes?

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Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED] 8BC49BC64E20BC22BCB65922C62C08B0787C04C1
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Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED] Empty Re: Install WorldEdit. [SOLVED]

Post by Guest on Fri 01 Apr 2016, 22:12

Hello SeoY,

I resolved the issue.

After noticing that the game still crashed with only Forge running and no mods installed, I realized the problem was with my launcher. I switched from Mineshafter to TLauncher 1.7 and now both Forge and WorldEdit works.

Admin edit: Problem solved, topic closed. Wink



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