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A New Chapter ♥

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A New Chapter ♥ Empty A New Chapter ♥

Post by Guest on Fri 06 May 2016, 17:36

After Kelle & Xander's Wedding, in my last post here 
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-502_zps4jlrrdt5
Kelle decided to take another degree and go to the university. Kelle really loves to study!
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-582_zps1yhwjfg6
She rent a house near the school so it'll be easier to go to school. She doesn't want to go to dormitory since her schedule is full.
after the long term finally! the day she'd been waiting for! got the report card and ready for the graduation ceremony!
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-591_zps4is2gczq
ohhh how sweet of Xander ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-596_zpszzt2wd3s
Finally! after a long time of not seeing each other ♥️ ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-605_zpsqfyci2pr
after a 4 months, God gave them their first angel ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-610_zpsedprhnqq
ohhhh how cute ♥️ Xavier their first baby boy ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-627_zps5qlnoerj
God is really kind, they have another angel ♥️ Kaxxie their second baby, what a happy family ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-636_zpssstuqfwv
they grew up! Xavier is so handsome and Kaxxie is so cute ♥️ Like father like son & like mother like daughter Smile 
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-645_zpsw33u5wot
okay so Kelle decided to take another degree.
still look young even though she have 2 kids. ♥️ Amazing! XD
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-649_zpsa7gmzs18
since the schedule is not tight, she decided to go to the dormitory, and meet new friends. ♥️
A New Chapter ♥ Screenshot-653_zpsxs7j1ntg

To be continued! I hope you like the new chapter of Kelle & Xander's love story! ♥️


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