CC and 1.13

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CC and 1.13 Empty CC and 1.13

Post by ZozZx on Wed 13 Jul 2016, 22:12

Is it possible that newly released cc are not compatible with the latest cracked version because of all the unrestricted gender stuff?
because i downloaded some new CCs and they show up in the little window that tells us all the mods that are installed but they don't show up in CAS
and if they are not compatible can i "fix" them?
BTW this is one of the mods thats not working


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CC and 1.13 Empty Re: CC and 1.13

Post by Aaronthesimmer on Thu 14 Jul 2016, 01:18

We are on and everyone with a legit game is Games4theworld's version is outdated by 7 months and newer cc is made to work with new patches, so it most probably isn't compatible with the latest crack

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