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The Sims 4 "Dine Out hotpatch" released ! (Download link)

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The Sims 4 "Dine Out hotpatch" released ! (Download link) Empty The Sims 4 "Dine Out hotpatch" released ! (Download link)

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 29 Jul 2016, 23:28

Please note that this little hotpatch is meant to be used by those of you who have downloaded an older version of the TS4 Ultimate fix; namely those versions which have either the 18th or 22nd of July 2016 as their release date, according to the included .pdf install guide. These 'older' Ultimate fixes do not have the Dine Out DLC activated in-game.

However, in the meantime we have re-uploaded a new Ultimate fix on this page. This "new" fix has the 30th of July 2016 as its release date in the included install guide. And this latest version does have Dine Out activated. This latter method (re-downloading the latest fix) is recommended if you are a new user or if you haven't downloaded any other Ultimate fixes, recently.

Hello all,

Due to the latest developments (RELOADED have released yet another new torrent for TS4 that includes Dine Out), we @Games4theworld have now done the same, just with the difference that currently there are no torrents yet.

We have released a little patch that will 'activate' the Dine Out DLC in your Sims 4 games. Prerequisites are that you have installed Games4theworld's previous The Sims 4 releases, in this order:

Base game -> Get to Work -> Get together -> "old Ultimate fix" (release date either 18-07 or 22-07) -> and then this little patch here. 

It is a small patch, and I also included a little install guide for it. Also thanks to user @Tarac for pointing out such a solution in this direction. Smile

I did some playtesting myself, but obviously, you will be the final judges of this work, so if you need any support whatsoever, or notice some bugs, feel free to get in touch with us by opening a new topic in either The Sims 4 Downloads Support (PC) or The Sims 4 in-game Support

I eventually decided to come up with this 'solution' since for the time being it is easier than re-creating a brand-new Ultimate fix, forcing all people to re-download the Ultimate fix. In the long run though, for purposes of clarity I will nonetheless consider a re-upload of the Ultimate fix, and integrate the few files/folder from this hotpatch into it. But we'll have to see.

In the meantime, have fun !

Arrow Arrow Arrow  Get the 'Dine Out hotpatch' here !  
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