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TS4 Gallery Guidelines. [IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST!]

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TS4 Gallery Guidelines. [IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST!] Empty TS4 Gallery Guidelines. [IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST!]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 19 Sep 2016, 00:05

Please note: ALL individual requests for The Sims 4 Gallery items are suspended indefinitely, please read THIS HERE.

If you want to share your own creations with the community, we'd like to ask you to post your creations in The Sims Emporium instead, for the time being. We may or may not open a separate section in the future for user-made creations. 

Arrow [***NEW***]Please do not request more than 5 items at once, because it's not fair to other users if they have to wait longer because you're requesting so many items at once. It is up to the discretion of the Gallery helpers to decide whether your 5 item requests will be fulfilled at once, or not. This will depend on how busy we are in real life, as well on the forum.
Note that any message requesting more than 5 items will be deleted without warning.

Arrow [***NEW***]Your requests will be put on the bottom of the request list every time, and the team will work on the list from top to bottom. Fulfilled requests will be removed from the top of the list. Keeping tabs on this list will give you an indication of when your requested item(s) is/are going to be available. 

Arrow  Please use the search function and/or search this subforum to make sure the item you want hasn't been requested yet. There is a sticky right here that has all the items that have been uploaded so far. Clicking on the items in the list will lead you to the threads, in which they have been requested. Read through the threads to get to the download link(s). Your item may also have been requested before, but the request hasn't been fulfilled yet, or can't be. All new items added to the list will be marked with the following emoticon:  

Arrow  Please only open ONE (1) topic, and use that topic for all your requests. Do NOT open multiple topics please, unless you are told otherwise by a Staff member. Once your initial request has been fulfilled, you can go back to your original thread anytime again to request new items. Also note please: do not post requests under someone else's topic. We will just ignore those messages. It would be too confusing for everybody if multiple people posted in one and the same thread. For this section here, we are mostly operating under the principle one user = one thread/topic. Should you decide to request more items after your initial request, you can easily find the topic you opened by clicking in the top right under "Welcome [your username]" and then "My topics". You can also bookmark your Gallery-thread through your internet browser, to find it more easily later on.

Arrow  Please be as specific as possible with your requests. If you don't know the name of your item(s), please find out. If we have to do that for a portion of the items that are requested, it's going to take way too much effort and will only cause delay. If you don't provide us with the name of the item at the very least, we can't help you and your topic will likely be removed. Note that the items on the list, are listed in alphabetical order. Depending on the name of your item, your topic may not appear on the first page.

Arrow  There are various ways of finding out about gallery items. One way is the online version of the gallery. Another way is through other sites/blogs or YouTube videos. But again, please make sure to be as specific as possible with providing the necessary information about the item(s), like the item name and/or the Origin ID. If you actually know the item name as well as the creator name, we would like to ask you to post the information directly in your message(s); it makes things easier for the Staff, due to the online gallery often loading slowly in browsers. It'll also help us fulfill your requests faster.

Arrow  Please be patient after posting your topic. Requests will be fulfilled when the Staff are able to do so.

Arrow  All requested items will be tested prior to being uploaded on the Forum, however, in some cases you will be told that the wish cannot be granted, because of technical reasons: the item(s) you requested were created with an Origin-version of The Sims 4, which is usually farther ahead in terms of patch version, than the games from RELOADED/Games4theworld. Of course, you could then simply request a new item, if there is something else that you find interesting. To give you an approximation,
items uploaded to the gallery prior to January 12th 2017 have a higher chance to be compatible with the currently-circulating cracked Sims 4 games, on patch version

Arrow  In the thread that you created you will also receive the item(s) in a reply, if the wish can be fulfilled. Mostly you will be given a .RAR or .ZIP file, the contents of which you should then extract with a suitable program (WinRAR). You should then end up with a bunch of smaller files. Make sure to insert these files into the following location on your computer - 
C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray.

Arrow  And...you're ready to play !  I'm so happy emergaw

Exclamation  Extra Note 1: the "TS4 Gallery" is a side-project intended for the Forum only. Please understand and acknowledge that (unless otherwise stated in the future), we will not accept requests submitted to us through e-mail, private mesaging, Facebook, Twitter or the Minecraft-server.

Exclamation  Extra Note 2: if you are not a Staff member of Games4theworld, but you would like to help out with requests here, we would like to ask you to get in touch with a Forum Administrator beforehand, to clarify the details. 

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TS4 Gallery Guidelines. [IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST!] Bn60syW to Games4theworld

TS4 Gallery Guidelines. [IMPORTANT - READ THIS FIRST!] 20181110

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