"Go Vacation" for the Wii.

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"Go Vacation" for the Wii. Empty "Go Vacation" for the Wii.

Post by MilosGamerSRB on Fri 04 Nov 2016, 20:58

This game is made by Namco Bandai (or Bandai Namco) Games, on October 11, 2011. The reason I wanted to review this really late because game is still nice and still one of my favorite games.
To start the game, players choose either to be Mii or Avatar, if you select Mii you won't be able to put some accessories like hats or glasses. Then your Mii will look like a FREAKING ALIEN compared to inhabitats on the island.
Game opens with plane arriving at Kawawii Island, including 4 dazzling resorts: Marine, City, Snow, and mountain. There are also stamps for the Stamp Dash. Players would start off the game by collecting Stamps. After 2 stamps information center becomes available then you can learn how to play, change outfit or move on to the next Resort as soon as you collect 4,8 or 12 stamps. Also I didn't say that some of players will have throwback when they are at Snow Resort because gameplay seems similar to prequel, We Ski (or Family Ski in Europe). Just now is over 50 activities there. But there are some weird ones like collecting coins with a horse?  IAmSoHappyEmergahwd IAmSoHappyEmergahwd
Players also can collect silver keys by full-filling activities, which can be saw on [View Records], or Gold Keys by completing different challenges.
After 20 stamps, you get Villa Grounds and then you own a fully-customizable Villa. You can buy new Furniture, or new Villa types with silver and gold keys.
There are activities that use Wii Mote or Wii Motion Plus, actually when I said [Motion], I don't really love in the fact that you can only play using motion controls, but that doesn't make me I hate game. The graphics are fine.

And now, the rating of the game?

Hail King Tea!  ( Yess, aye lieeke! Yess, aye lieeke! Yess, aye lieeke! Yess, aye lieeke! Yess, aye lieeke! 5,00) This is REALLY a fun game made for families, I really love it, I don't care about graphics or design, that's, if you didn't know, most stupid part of the each game. I really recommend hopping up to the pirate bay, or hop on to e-bay or local retailer (I think they won't know what's Go Vacation, but be sure to give it a try!)

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