sims 1 not working

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sims 1 not working Empty sims 1 not working

Post by georgina.allen on Fri 16 Dec 2016, 00:39

Managed to understand the installation and have sims 3 up and running. Done the same with sims 1 but still wont work and says I need a CD after copying sims into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\The Sims  ??


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sims 1 not working Empty Re: sims 1 not working

Post by Guest on Fri 16 Dec 2016, 10:45

  1. When installation is complete: Open the folder #Crack
  2. Copy Sims.exe to your installation folder (default: C:\\Program Files(x86)\Maxis\The Sims)
  3. File exists already so overwrite

Item 3 is important, if you don't get the warning that the file already exists, you've done something wrong.

Oh, btw, did you install The Sims in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis or somewhere else ?
If different then the crack must be pasted in the same directory of course.


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