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Forum FAQ.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Sat 17 Dec 2016, 15:31

The following is a collection of frequently-asked questions (and answers) to some general issues about Games4theworld. We strongly recommend you have a look at these questions. Click on the questions to fold/unfold the answers.

FAQ last updated on: 4-12-2018

I. About Games4theworld

Who we are:
Games4theworld Downloads is today’s safest, most organized game and software torrent uploader on the internet, and the only uploader who offers full support. Games4theworld’s goal is, and has always been ‘helping people’. Our main goal these days is to help people out and provide them with downloads that are easy to install, just like it was back then. That does cost money, buying equipment and maintaining it. But we’re non-profit and we don’t earn anything doing this; it’s just for the fun. We all started as newbies those good old days, and we believe in helping today’s “noobs” with a spirit of kindness. We can be reached several different ways, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and of course our official Forum.

The History of Games4theworld:
Most uploaders never add a clear readme file. After countless of hours of searching, reading comments and just experimenting, you may still have problems getting your downloads to work by yourself. That’s how Games4theworld was born. The reason we do this is because we often got frustrated when we couldn’t get a download to work.

We started learning from each other, and we decided to help other people with their download issues as well. That’s how Games4theworld Downloads kind of started. We made the torrents as noob-friendly as possible. If people still had problems with their downloads, they could contact Games4theworld Downloads through e-mail, and we would help them out. In the beginning we were not familiar with most of the problems, but as more problems are reported and more fixes are found, we started to get “the feeling”. At some point Games4theworld Downloads started all over, due to accounts on torrent websites being removed for unkown reasons. Even our original account on The Pirate Bay was removed without a reason. This is where the Games4theworld Downloads you know today started; this time even bigger than the first time. All torrents were repacked with new, better Installation Guides and some other changes were made. A new team was formed: Games4theworld Downloads was back on track again.

And look at us now; we’re probably the best organized team of uploaders. Also, Games4theworld Downloads is the only team on the web that actually gives free support for all of their downloads and everything else we can help you with. We just can’t help we want to help.

How can I follow Games4theworld:
Apart from checking the Forum from time to time (in particular the Latest News-subsection for any new updates), there are also a few other ways of staying in touch with Games4theworld:

E-mail newsletters:

I have seen Games4theworld-related news/information on [insert platform name here]:
Note that you should only follow the official Games4theworld Forum and those external Games4theworld social-media sites mentioned in the previous question & answer above. We are not affiliated with any other Forums, websites, blogs, subreddits, Discord-servers, repackers, scene-groups, YouTube-channels and whatnot. Therefore we cannot verify statements about Games4theworld, that are posted on random unrelated sites. 

We are not saying that anything posted on unrelated platforms is automatically wrong or untrustworthy. What we do want to emphasize though is, that - just like with internet downloads in general - you should exercise caution when gathering news and other information.

How can I support you guys:
Feel free to stick around the Forum, contribute to discussions and recommend us to family/friends. If possible and risk-free for you, you could also help us seed our torrent-releases.

Since we are using various forms of adverts these days to help us finance the Minecraft-server and other hosting services, you could also temporarily turn off your browser adblockers, and if you like...even click on these download links and...endure the ads.  What a Face

In case you have any more ideas beyond these things, feel free to message a Forum Administrator personally. Very Happy

Can I join the team of Games4theworld:
Note that nowadays we very rarely appoint new Helpers/Moderators to the Games4theworld team. If appointments do occur, they are done on an invitation-only basis. Which means that we approach active community members, and ask them if they want to join the team. If you want to go down this path as well, bear in mind the following. Stick around, be helpful, be friendly, do not ask for any status (!), and you may get your chance one day.

II. General questions about the downloads

Where can I find Games4theworld Downloads:
You can find them in THIS Forum announcement.

I am new to all of this, how can I download this stuff:
We have prepared a guide (in .pdf file format) to read, available under this link here. It contains all information you need to know to get started in the world of torrenting. Very Happy 

Do you also have video guides about installing stuff:
We may or may not add a couple of video walkthroughs to our new YouTube channel, in the future. Our own experiences in that regard are not particularly positive though: most video walkthroughs on our old YouTube channel were taken down, even though they did not contain any references to copyright-protected material; these video guides could have been applied to legally-purchased Sims 3 games as well. Due to the nature of our work, it is just the way the cookie crumbles, and we will have to arrange ourselves accordingly. What we could do instead, is to provide the video files of potential guides on platforms like MEGA or MediaFire, which you then can download and watch 'offline'. This is far less elegant than watching it on YouTube, but a lot less safer (for us) to do in practice.

Why don't you guys/girls offer direct downloads for games and software:
We specialize in torrents traditionally, mostly due to technical reasons (no need to pay for special download servers, torrents can't be taken down unlike direct downloads, reliance on community support to help seed items in the long run, torrent downloads can be interrupted/paused and safely resumed later on, etc.). Also, if we posted these direct download links in public, people who are "not fond" of our type of work would just keep reporting the links and the filehosters would most likely take them down. As indicated, this cannot be done with torrents. We do have direct download links for smaller items like patches, fixes or crack files. As for actual games and software, in rare cases Games4theworld team members may make individual exceptions. Please note that these exceptions are only done at our own discretion.

Do you guys also do Mac OS-games and software:
Unfortunately we specialize in Windows (PC) releases only, for the time being at least. Please take note of this message here for more details.

What about new games and software:
Any new releases will come as a 'surprise'; nowadays we do not accept requests for new game releases anymore. Check the official list of downloads (semi-)regularly, to see if there is any new stuff. 

There are no seeders for some torrents:
Check out the informational post here first. If you are still having trouble with connecting to seeders, which may be the case especially with some of the older downloads, you may request a re-seed in our dedicated Re-seed requests-subsection.

I caught myself a virus when downloading stuff from here:
If you downloaded an official G4TW-item from either the download site or from the old Games4theworld website, we can assure you that all items have been tested prior to release, and we can confirm they are safe to use. It is common that anti-virus software interferes with cracked games and software. See this article here for an explanation:

I got a message from my ISP because of 'copyright violation':
We are very sorry to hear that. It is unfortunately a widespread practice in some countries that Internet Service Providers are closely monitoring certain types of internet traffic. In most cases, these messages that internet-subscribers receive seem to be automated, and actual legal consequences tend to be rare (are authorities going to punish every kid or adult downloading something?!). However, it is possible that your internet subscription may be cancelled by the ISP. At this point, we can only emphasize that problems along these lines are out of our hand, and it will be your responsibility in the first place to make certain arrangements prior to torrenting. However, what we can give you, are some general guidelines on what could be done:

Arrow  Is it possible for you to switch your Internet Service Provider? Are there even Internet Service providers in your area/country, that are more lenient toward torrenting?

Arrow  Do you torrent frequently, or only sometimes? If you don't use torrents very often, you could ask a family member or friend to help you out on a few games here and there - provided that they agree of course.

Arrow  Many people use so-called VPNs for torrenting purposes. These are services (which cost money), that have the capability to mask your internet traffic in such a way as to make it either very difficult, or even impossible for your ISP to 'identify' your torrenting activities. Remember that in order to be compatible with torrenting purposes, you will need to go for paid VPN subscriptions, as free VPNs tend to be only suitable for browsing the web. Good VPN providers with torrenting-compatibility are for example "NordVPN" and "Windscribe". Check out the discussion-topic here to learn more.

Arrow In the context of The Sims 4, look at the individual announcements (in the "News"-section) for each G4TW The Sims 4-repack to find direct download options, which should be safer to use than torrents. Though there have been reports by a few users that direct downloads are monitored as well, these download formats still seem a feasible alternative. Though of course if you want to be 100% sure, use a paid VPN subscription as well for fetching direct downloads. Alternatively, look for ZLOrigin here, as well as anadius's alternative installers.

Arrow  In general, we don't recommend that you simply 'ignore' these warning letters by your ISP, unless you have made sure through your own research that there won't be any consequences for you in doing so. For further information, and if possible for you, you should try seeking the advice of a professional legal counsel (lawyer) on this matter, who is familiar with the legal situation of torrenting in your local community or country.

Can you recommend some VPN services which support torrenting:
NordVPN and Windscribe are good services. For more information please see the topic here:

Where do you get these downloads from/do you crack items yourselves:
For the most part, Games4theworld is a repacker-group. We repack stuff that other scene groups have made, and provide Support on the Forums for these downloads. Some items which do not need a No-CD fix to run were provided by community members, some of whom are still active on the Forums. Other items - most notably the No-CD files for our The Sims 3 releases - were actually created by former staff members of Games4theworld. Also keep in mind that for the most part we refrain from "giving explicit credit", when we release/announce new stuff. For starters, we mostly don't even know who originally created something. Secondly, we do not see the issue as really we do not credit "ourselves" either.

I have a DRM-free/cracked version of [insert program name here], can I send you the files:
Feel free to get in touch with a G4TW Moderator or Administrator, preferably through e-mail (look on their profiles for the green e-mail button). Please keep in mind however, that we decide to release new torrents only at our own discretion.

I don't see [insert name of new release] on the main Games4theworld website, even though it is announced on the Forum:
We have abandoned the old "" website. Note that the person responsible for the hosting and maintenance of that website is NOT active on this Forum anymore these days. Please follow the actual Forum for more updated information on our work:

III. Registration, Login and Account issues

Do I have to create an account on the Forums, even if I just want to download something:
No! On the Games4theworld Forums we do not 'require' any registration at all. ALL download links, discussion/general support-boards, the search functions and tutorials are accessible for you as a guest user, without the need for any registration. This has always been the tradition on G4TW, and we are not intending to do away with it.

The only instance where registration is needed is if you want to actually post something on the Forum, either when you need Support or if you just want to hang out and chat.

Many other Forums (with the aim of attracting/retaining more Forum posters?) are putting up registration-walls, before one has the ability to access any downloads or other things. Not so on G4TW. We are of the opinion that if someone genuinely wants to stick around they will do so anyway, and without us forcing them to create an account prior to downloading something. 

Basic Tips for Registering and Privacy:

Arrow  Due to the nature of the Forum and our work, we strongly recommend you do NOT choose a username during registration that you (may) have already used on another forum/website/blog/subreddit/Discord-server/etc.

Arrow  Do NOT put your e-mail address as your username, or use some other obscene word as your username. We will just edit the accounts and if no response is given by the user within a week (suggesting a new username), we will just delete the registration.

Arrow  Note that any and all information that can lead to directly identifying a person in the real world will be censored by Moderators and Administrators, if they are posted directly in Forum messages, usernames, topic titles, profile fields, signatures, avatars and any other pictures. As for the built-in private messaging system, if necessary the Forum Administrators have the ability to investigate the contents of these messages as well, for example, if we get reports for alleged abuses. However, if you still wish to share contact information with other users by means of Forum private messages it is ultimately your choice, but please understand that you do so at your own risk. Personal information can include - but is not limited to - telephone numbers, addresses, social media accounts,  etc. In general, we ask you to use common sense when sharing personal information with other users on here. As for the Games4theworld-staff, we will NEVER ask you for any kind of personal information, but other regular users may do so, for various reasons. If you take notice of things like that, please immediately alert a Forum Administrator about it.

Arrow  In your profile options, you will have the option to manually add social media account addresses. If you do so, buttons will show up under your profile, and if users click on these buttons it will lead them to the account that you yourself have linked. At this point, you may see this as a contradiction to what has been stated in the previous paragraph. The difference though is, if you post links in Forum messages they will be visible to everyone, including unregistered guests and bots browsing the Forum. If you intend to add these social media-buttons under your own profile, you will have to do so deliberately, and they will only be visible to other registered Forum users. By "deliberately adding" this type of contact information, we assume you are aware of the potential risks involved in it, therefore we allow this type of contact information being posted/linked.

Arrow  Don't forget: if you feel lost or have any other concerns about general privacy, feel free to contact a Moderator or Administrator through private messaging.

Arrow  Finally, have fun and enjoy participating in the Community! Very Happy

I registered but cannot log in:
After you register on the Forum, you will receive an e-mail to the address that you provided during registration. This e-mail will include a link in it; please click on the link in order to activate your Forum account.

I registered an account, but it seems my username has changed:
Sometimes we get user registrations where users put e-mail addresses or other obscene words in their account names. Note that first of all, the Forum Rules also apply to things like usernames, avatars, profile information, profile signatures, etc. And not just to public messages posted on the Forums.

Our policy is to rename these accounts temporarily and assign them a neutral name (usually something like "Simsfan[x]", with the "[x]" being a certain number). We then e-mail the user about this action. Afterwards the user is given a period of 1 week to respond to this e-mail and then suggest a new username. If no response is given within that 1 week period, the registration/account is deleted.

I registered in the past but cannot log in anymore:
Please check whether you have entered your username and password correctly. Beyond that, it is possible that your account has been banned from the Forum, in which case you will receive a message during the login.

I lost my password:
You can click on the button named "I forgot my password" on the login-page. Note that in order to reset your password, you must provide the e-mail address associated with that particular Forum account, and which you provided when you registered your account. Once you provided this e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail message with a link to reset your password. Click on the link, and then follow the on-screen instructions on the webpage that opens.

I forgot my username:
In this case feel free to create a temporary new account on the Forum and message a Forum Administrator privately. Please note however that you will need to provide the e-mail address to us, that was used in creating the "lost account". If you do not provide us with this e-mail address we cannot recover your old account.

How do I change my Forum username:
The Forum Administrators have disabled the ability for individual users to change their usernames, in order to preserve consistency between Forum discussions and their associated participants. You have the option to contact a Forum Administrator and request an individual exception, and thereby a username change. Keep in mind that you need to give a very good reason when doing so. Simply stating that e.g. you do not like your old name anymore is not sufficient. You should be aware though that because the administrative effort behind this can be significant (we get this type of request very frequently), we ultimately do not change usernames easily. At this point we can only give you this here as a guideline: be friendly, honest and forthcoming about your reasoning as to why exactly we should change your username. Finally, even if we do decide to change your username, we only grant such an exception once for every individual user.

How do I delete my Forum account:
Keep in mind that the Forum Administrators generally do NOT delete Forum accounts. Similar as with username changes, the administrative effort can be significant, if users repeatedly create new accounts and then request their deletion. If you want to have your account deleted, you will need to contact a Forum Administrator individually, and give a good reason as to why you want us to delete your account. If we decide not to grant your request, you still have the option to delete your own account, by means of this external form here. If you decide to do this on your own, please note that the Administrators will not delete any Forum messages you have made either (unless they convey any personal information or are otherwise offensive or inappropriate).

How do I change my profile settings/preferences:
Click in the top right of the Forum where it says "Welcome (your username)". Then click on Edit profile.

When I want to change my account's e-mail, I am prompted to "fill in all required fields":
As an anti-spam measure, we have changed the settings such that new users have to fill in the fields "Operating system" and "Favorite games" when they register an account. Existing users who registered prior to this change can still log in and post, however, if they wanted to change anything about their profiles, they need to fill in those fields as well.

So again, you will need to fill something into the fields of your profile, under "Operating system" and "Favorite games".

How do I prevent my username from appearing in the "registered users online" listings:
Click in the top right of the Forum where it says "Welcome (your username)". Then under Edit profile -> Preferences -> Hide my online status -> Yes. If you save the changes to your profile, you will be counted as a so-called hidden user, and your username will not appear at the bottom of the Forum index under Who is online/registered users anymore.

Keep in mind though, that users who are on your friend list as well as the Forum Administrators (users with a red username color) will still be able to see you being online. Your username at the bottom of the Forum index will then appear in italics, for those able to see you.

IV. Posting issues & Private messaging

How do I open topics on the Forum:
Have a look at the title and description of each subforum to find out which is best suited for your problem(s). After that, click on the subforum's title to get inside the section. Then click on the button "Open a new topic".

How many topics can or should I open:
It will depend on the range of problems you have. In general, all questions about one (1) particular piece of software or hardware should be posted in just one (1) topic. For example, if you have issues about The Sims 3, all your concerns should go into just one topic. If 'parallel' to this you have an issue about, let's say, The Sims 1, you should open a new topic in the appropriate section for The Sims 1. Getting back to The Sims 3, as soon as your original problem has been solved, the topic will be closed for the time being. If you later on have any follow-up issues about The Sims 3, you can either request an unlock of your earlier topic (send a Moderator a private message to do so), or - what is done most commonly - simply open a new topic, about your new The Sims 3 issues.  

I don't understand the thing about 'outside links', why is Games4theworld so strict about this:
Linking is a very crucial part of our work, and in our experience most users have only good intentions. We link to guides on the Forum, other Forum posts, items hosted on external filesharing services, magnet links, and in some cases even torrents from other websites. However, this is only done by Staff members, and for a reason. All Staff members have been carefully 'vetted' prior to being selected into the team and have proven themselves trustworthy. In general, we only allow links to torrents and other items from Staff members because we have no way of checking the quality of every single individual link that regular Forum users may post. Given the amount of messages on our Forum and related platforms that we receive on a daily basis it would be impossible to check links consistently if posted from non-Staff users. We thereby presume all external torrent/other item-links posted by regular users, to be disallowed. In general you must contact a Forum Administrator and ask for permission to post these links on the Forum. In some of the Forum sections that are about individually-made game items, such as is the case with our TS4 Gallery and TS3 Exchange, the procedures are a little bit more lax, but we would still like to ask users to give a brief heads-up to the Forum Administrators, before contributing to these Forum sections.

You should also know that another reason users need Administrator-permission to post external links, is because of certain objections and limitations imposed by the Forum host. For example, the use of URL shorteners when posting such links. Not all users may be familiar with URL shorteners, and they may just post links as they are. The forum host on the other hand requires consistent use of URL shorteners for our type of linking.

All in all, it boils down to communication and trust between the individual user and the Forum Administrators. Ask kindly for permission and be honest about your intention(s) as to why exactly you would want to post links consistently.

Please note: the Administrators on the Forum, the Minecraft-Server and the Facebook-page of Games4theworld reserve the right to ban users if such links are posted contrary to the Forum rules, especially if the violations happen repeatedly.

I cannot 'find' my (earlier) posts or topics anymore:
The most common reason for that is because your topic/post was moved to a different Forum section by a Moderator. You can click on "Welcome (your username)" in the top right of the Forum, next to where it says "Notifications". Then click on either My posts or My topics. In certain cases though, you may have posted a message in a place where you weren't supposed to. This will be the case, if you posted a question under one of the "Fixes"-sections, as questions are not allowed there (every topic posted in a Fixes-section has a bold red warning notice at the end of the opening post, to signify that questions are not allowed). In these cases, and similar ones, the Moderators reserve the right to delete misplaced posts. Should you feel unsure about why your post was deleted, you may ask a Moderator about it in private. Please keep in mind though that we may only explain the reasoning as to why we delete messages once to every individual user. In the event of further mis-postings, we will not repeat our explanations anymore.

Why do you keep deleting questions under "Fixes"-topics:
The Forum sections designated as "Fixes" are intended for guides and tutorials only. Traditionally we only allow 'thank you'-notes to be posted on there. For questions we prefer if people actually use the sections that are clearly designated for support-purposes; usually these sections have a name like "In-Game Support" or "Downloads Support". You may wonder now (and from a purely logical perspective it holds some truth), whether it isn't logical for people to post their feedback directly under said tutorials. But then again: it would render the other designated support-sections useless. Plus, if people posted all their issues in the same Fixes-thread it would be difficult to follow the troubleshooting discussion after a while. Some other Forums or websites may handle the issue differently, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this is the way we have chosen to go about on the Games4theworld Forum. Keep in mind as well that us moving these misplaced questions would simply take too much time and effort. In case of repeated mispostings we may consider locking individual Fixes-threads, but in general you should remember that we tend to simply delete mispostings there.

How can I edit or delete posts:
In general, as a regular user you cannot edit or delete your own messages after submissions, unless in certain Forum sections in which people may need to work on guides/articles/tutorials continuously. As of currently this includes

Exclamation  The Sims Emporium
Exclamation  The Sims 4 Creativity Zone
Exclamation  The Sims 3 Exchange
Exclamation  All sections labelled as "Fixes" or "Tips & Tricks". 
Exclamation  PC Gamerlounge

One reason for this measure is to keep all discussions coherent and logical: imagine an on-going discussion about something, and then a user decides to delete all of their posts in that discussion: it would very likely impede the coherence and flow of discussion if a new reader reads up on the thread.

I wrote a message, but I want to add something to it afterwards:
Please post a follow-up reply (use the button "quote" or "post a new reply").

How can I submit a guide or tutorial:
Please post your topic in "The Sims Emporium" FIRST. In there, you can freely edit your topic even after having been submitted to the Forum. If you need further help please message an Administrator or Moderator; they will gladly help you.

How do I upload screenshots/pictures in my Forum posts:
You can upload/host images on the Forum as well. When you write a post, click on the button enclosed in red. 

Now you can either drag & drop image files into the top field or click the button "+Select files" in order to browse your computer and add image files that way. Once you selected a number of items to upload, they will show up in that same window below.

Use the scrollbar on the right, or your mouse-wheel to scroll up/down the window, in particular if you selected multiple images. Click on the button marked in the screenshot below to upload an individual picture. Or, if you selected multiple image files, click on the button "send all".

Once you uploaded your picture(s) you can use the button "insert all", to include them in your Forum post! 

Now, if you want to insert image URLs from another source, click on the button enclosed in green here:

Another small window will pop up and you can paste the URL in the field. After which the image will show up in your Forum message, if done correctly.

I want to quote multiple messages from other users, how can I do that without copying/pasting:
If you just click on the button "Quote" on another user's message, your post will only contain one quote.

If you want to quote multiple messages, you have to click on the "Multi-quote" button next to each message you want to quote.



Once you "marked" several messages for quote, scroll down toward the bottom of the thread and click on "Post a new reply".

How do I contact another Forum user privately:
You can click on any user's name on the Forum, which should mostly take you directly to their profile. Under the 'Contact'-tab you can find the available contact buttons. You can also look at any thread in which the user you wish to contact, has posted. Look at the symbols under the user's profile there, for the available contact buttons.

I cannot send private messages:
As an anti-spam measure, new users must make at least 2 posts on the Forum in order to be able to send private messages. If you haven't made 2 Forum posts and you still wish to send a message to a Moderator, for example if you want to report abusive messages or if you want to ask for advice about external links/downloads, go to the Moderator's Forum profile and then under the "Contact"-tab. See if there is a green e-mail button. If there is, you can click on that button and write an e-mail message. The Moderators may or may not get back to you (for e.g. requesting additional information), depending on the situation.

Beyond that, it is possible that your individual ability to send private messages has been disabled by the Forum Administrators.

How do I notice when other users have sent me private messages:
When you log into the Forum after the private message was sent to you, or if you refresh the Forum page (with the F5-key) when you are already logged in while receiving messages, you will see a button at the top lit up in green color. The button will say "New Message(s)". Click on it, and then look under the tab named "inbox". Alternatively, click in the top right on "Welcome (your username)", and then under "My private messages".

I keep receiving unwanted private messages or e-mails:
Please alert a Forum Administrator about these things. In case of private messages, Administrators can prevent individual users from sending them. In addition, you can add users to your "foe's list", after which you won't get any further private messages from that user. In order to do so, go to "Welcome (your username)" located in the top right of the Forum, -> Edit Profile -> Friends and foes -> Foe list -> Add a foe. Keep in mind that you cannot add Moderators and Administrators to your foe's list, though.

When contacting a Forum Administrator about unwanted private messages, please try including a screenshot of the message, so that not only the content is visible, but also the user who sent the message.

Should users click on the green e-mail button on your profile, and send you unwanted messages that way, do NOT reply to these messages! As long as you do not reply, the person sending the message will not be able to see your actual e-mail address (and therefore they can "only" contact you through this e-mail contact form). If you contact a Forum Administrator about it, try including a screenshot of not only the message, but also the "header": the top part of an e-mail that shows who sent a message, and when it was sent.

V. Other issues

I cannot access the Forum:
Sometimes there are scheduled maintenances, but in these cases the downtimes tend to be rather short. Beyond that it is possible that your Internet Service Provider has blocked your access to this Forum. You could try bypassing this through using a proxy or VPN. One example of a free web proxy is this here.

Is the Forum down/are the download links offline:
We very frequently get comments from users who appear to have problems when accessing the Forum and/or download links, and then immediately fill the Forum with questions like that. What is true is that we do not have any control over downtimes, so you will need to ride it out. Usually these downtimes don't last for very long anyway.

Also keep in mind that for the most part we will ignore questions like that, since we do not see much point in getting back to every individual (and impatient?) user. Neither are we going to 'announce' every downtime which, as said, we do not have any control over.

What happened to Admin:
If you are referring to the old main Administrator of G4TW, he has decided to leave the Forum, for unknown reasons. Should you decide to ask on the public Forums about this issue - either out of natural curiosity or out of a belief that what I'm saying is untrue - you may be met with strange (virtual) glances, and not necessarily serious replies. Everything you need to know, has just been said here.

When I try accessing a download-link on the Forum, I get re-directed to a 'Linkvertise'-page and/or my security software blocks your download links:
For most of the download links, we have deliberately added this form of advertising to help us cover part of the cost associated with maintaining the Forum and other websites related to Games4theworld. Please temporarily disable your browser adblockers and/or configure exclusions in your anti-virus software, in order to bypass the 'Linkvertise' and access the download links. For a more detailed explanation on the issue of advertising please refer to the official Forum Editorial here

In order to bypass the "Linkvertise", click on the button "Weiter" (sometimes also displayed as "Continue"). Then wait until the 15 second-countdown goes to zero, and click on "Weiter zur Website" ("Continue to Website").

We are aware that this is a highly unpopular feature, and it is perfectly within your prerogative to disapprove of this policy. Just as is it within your prerogative to simply move on and grab your Downloads & Support from other sources than Games4theworld. The ads are here to stay, and in general we will not be making exceptions to that rule either. Also note that we do not condone messages or "guides" on explaining how to bypass these adverts; if these messages are posted on our Forums or other platforms under our control, they may be subject to deletion.

Why can't I just message a Staff member for game support:
The main reason is, because it would render the Forum useless. We have the Forum - divided into various subsections - for all support about games, software and hardware. The advantage of having the discussions in public is that more users will be able to see the questions you posted, and therefore you could get a quicker reply, compared to sending a private message to a Staff member and waiting for a reply. In general, and unless for very specific purposes (such as general questions about the Forum/Site Navigation or if you want to ask us about the quality of external links/download sites), we would like to ask you to keep ALL game/software/hardware support discussions on the Forum only.

You can (maybe) also view it this way: why are you even going to the length of registering an account on the Forums, if you don't intend to post there? All tutorials/guides, general support threads and download links are accessible without having to make an account on the Forums. A feature, which - as a sidenote - is rather unusual on most other Forums. 

There is no such thing on here as "individual one-on-one Support". We are not a paid customer service.

Can we get a new Forum color theme? This dark color is uncomfortable for my eyes:
We are very sorry to hear that. Please keep in mind though that the team of Games4theworld has become very attached to the dark theme, and we have been using this theme for many years now. Also, we have invested a lot of work in various CSS & HTML customizations of this theme; if we chose a new theme we would have to start over with these little things as well. However, there is a way to use the mobile version of this Forum on (PC) desktops as well, and that version uses a light theme. See this post here for the details.

I am confused, because there are too many individual tutorials on here. Can't we get "all-in-one" tutorials:
We are sorry to hear that, but for the time being please accept the default "situation" (separate tutorial submissions centering around specific topics) on here. In the long run, we will attempt to post FAQs with condensed information about all fixes/tips around a certain type of game, but in the meantime, please try paying attention to the topic titles of these threads, as they give you a good indication already of what a tutorial is about.

Can I get your personal phone number/Facebook/Twitter/Discord/e-mail address because I want to get in touch with you:
Please note that we do not give out any personal information whatsoever about our Staff members. All Support on Games4theworld downloads is done through the Forum and any other associated platforms. We appreciate your interest and kindness, but due to the nature of our Forum and work it would very likely lead to problems down the road if we started "self-marketing" our real-life personas, in the context of Games4theworld.

Why can't I log in with my Facebook account:
Some forums and websites indeed offer such a possibility to log in by means of a Facebook username & password without having to make a regular account. This is done partly for reasons of convenience: after all, in today's times with the dazzling number of online services and platforms, it may be difficult for the average person to keep track of too many individual login credentials. For the time being however and due to the nature of our Forum and work, we have decided not to activate this option on our Forum, in order to help protect the privacy of our users.

Can we get some form of voice-chat/Vo-IP on Games4theworld:
Probably not. Again, due to the nature of Games4theworld, it would not be wise either if we gave away our voices to strangers.

I am upset about what someone else said and/or clicked on a link of a user which gave me computer problems:
We are sorry to hear that. For starters, please note that the Games4theworld team always tries to provide a comfortable and safe space, for as many people as possible. As with other websites though that are accessible to the general public, frictions are unavoidable here as well. You should know that the Games4theworld team will moderate according to the Forum rules and interpret/apply those at their own discretion. At this point there is not much else to say for us, other than emphasizing that you (and only you) have the choice of whether or not you trust our judgment in applying the rules in a fair manner. We would also like to emphasize that statements or links posted by regular Forum users (non-Games4theworld Staff) do not necessarily reflect the views of us, or carry our approval. Please be careful with any external links that regular users may post and use your best judgment. See also this Editorial here for more information. In case of doubt, you are also welcome to send a private message to a Forum Administrator or Moderator.

What about TeamViewer support:
The Games4theworld team members used to give a lot of Support through "TeamViewer" in the past, and we still do so today! However, please keep in mind that TeamViewer sessions have a tendency to be very time- and work-consuming. We therefore ask you to bear with us, and please accept that we generally only give TeamViewer Support at our own discretion and availability. For general information about using TeamViewer, please refer to the notice here.

Are you not afraid of 'getting caught' because of TeamViewer:
Honestly, no. It's not like we use webcams or microphones during TeamViewer sessions (we only use the text chat). And our computer names that show up during the sessions do not contain any revealing information either. If someone wanted to find out more about us though, it would have to be done through IP-addresses. And if that "someone" has the technical capability and know-how to pull this off, it is unlikely they will pose on the Forum here as a poor noob seeking support. In the final analysis, we don't think our TeamViewer service poses any additional risks, although admittedly the issue is from a theoretical standpoint an interesting question, and we are aware this is an issue for many - if not most - other pirate platforms. Besides, who says we are not using VPNs for our operations...?

What is the music/animated .gif on the main website:
As stated before, please keep in mind that the person operating the old "" website is NOT active on this Forum here anymore. There is a discussion thread here, where you can share your thoughts with other users, but in general, if we are able to give you information about the media it is going to be due to coincidence (a.k.a. us happening to know the music or the movie/TV show the .gifs are taken from). Other than that, try using a music recognition app, such as "Shazam" or "Soundhound", for possibly learning more about these songs.

What you are doing is illegal:

Well, I guess I will report you to the authorities and then sue you all to hell:

Why is my account banned/why is someone else than me banned:
In general we do not comment on 'why' we take moderating actions against individual users (given the fact that you are asking this question you are not likely going to agree with us anyway, if we did give you our reasoning). Note that hyperventilating posting on the public Forums about whatever you perceive as mis-treatment will not get you any serious reply from us at all.

You can, however, attempt to appeal a ban or other moderating actions by messaging the main administration directly. Note that this is generally a no-response contact form; all messages are read by us and recorded, but we will not necessarily reply to individual e-mails unless we feel we need to gather more information. While there is no guarantee for moderating actions to be reversed - it does happen, even though rarely. Your chances will be increased if you explain your case in a friendly way; everything else will be up to the administration to decide.

I have another question:
Feel free to open a new topic in our dedicated Site Navigation & Suggestions-subforum! 


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