ALL Mac OS-support is suspended until further notice! [PLEASE READ]

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ALL Mac OS-support is suspended until further notice! [PLEASE READ]

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 20 Dec 2016, 04:03

Hello all,

I did write a similar message like this in the past, but due to the increasing number of requests and private messages about this topic, I thought I write a new one with some slight modifications and updates. For starters, please note that Games4theworld in the first place specializes exclusively on Windows (PC) releases, and not on Mac OS. Therefore, all our game and software releases are intended to be used on Windows only. 

In addition, all of the current Games4theworld-staff are Windows-users, and we unfortunately do not have sufficient Mac OS knowledge to give support on this platform. We will leave the Mac-subsection on the Forum open, but please note that the Games4theworld-staff unfortunately cannot give any official Mac-support whatsoever at the moment.

In the following you can find a number of useful links that may help you along the way. 

Arrow  A possible guide on installing The Sims 4 on Mac, using WINE

Arrow  Discussion-thread for the 'Origin must be running' error on TS4/Mac OS

Arrow  Installing The Sims 4 on Linux

Arrow  Installing The Sims 3; guide for Mac

Arrow  Other possible fixes/solutions for Mac OS-related problems

Should you wish to contribute to the Mac-Support section (with the possible aim of becoming a staff member on Games4theworld), check out the recruiting announcement here. We apologize for any inconveniences, but we hope nonetheless that - in some way or another - you will be able to solve your issues with the help of the above links. Smile

Post last updated on 20-12-2016.


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