Sims 1 Complete Collection install error

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Sims 1 Complete Collection install error Empty Sims 1 Complete Collection install error

Post by Jeefer on Fri 13 Jan 2017, 03:12

I had installed the Sims 1 Complete Collection with no problem, but it wouldn't stop showing the xpac loading screens over and over and was unplayable so I manually uninstalled it.  Well, later on I decided to install it again anyway because I found the fix for the constant reloading/inability to play, but now when I start the install, it simply quits and then I get a small error box that says, "Unknown Error Encountered. Aborting setup..." and then nothing happens.  How do I fix this?  What did I mess up when I manually uninstalled it prior?  Thanks in advance for any help!


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