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Household requests (tugglables,isleroux,lordkiribati,wondercarlotta8)

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Household requests (tugglables,isleroux,lordkiribati,wondercarlotta8) Empty Household requests (tugglables,isleroux,lordkiribati,wondercarlotta8)

Post by Guest on Sat 04 Feb 2017, 04:59

Hello there! Just wanted to mention how much I appreciate all the help you guys are giving us - with the gallery, with dlc questions and everything else. So thank you so much for that!

I wanted to make a request for a few things I've seen around... might be quite a list, no need to rush however. I've got time.

by tuggables
Lana Del Rey - gallery/9C01DA943E0111E5829B438E0E72350A
Michael Jackson - gallery/7D40DB7C01BE11E58ECBB0D859B2D240
Miley Cyrus - gallery/F3144CA3158411E58F300D2985824A1B

by itsleander
Hollywood Mansion - gallery/AD2F33808F2911E68C21AA6C36403918

by maudhuy
Justin Bieber - gallery/06D929385BE411E6875F00299E3A664B

by isleroux
Hamptons Queen Bee - gallery/ED853C4ECD9111E4891BBC070921FC31
Pretty Little Liars (I don't need Emily Fields, so if it's extra work for you to get her, don't even bother with her!) - gallery/621817EBCB6011E582569F9968C28965
Miranda Langraab - gallery/AA46F3C8565211E581E8DD3160E4BD92

by wondercarlotta8
Jean - gallery/A9FF96281AA911E683BCB8400C38F23A
Laura - gallery/FC46748BCF6B11E68C61E610F88B0827
Donovan - gallery/86AC499B93AA11E68AE7CED46F8BFBEB
Aline - gallery/8B23CC834A9611E682C42F14F6C2E423

by lordkiribati
Beautiful Actress - gallery/236E5A64D30D11E58E249F9968C28965
Jasmine Bluebell - gallery/9D6A6BB4566811E68A6D00299E3A664B
Beautiful Melissa - gallery/1650F085413511E687DCA061C1E74E82
Rosetta Rosemary - gallery/85806BB84E9611E68AA12586F7E7056B

I'm sorry, I know that's quite a lot. Please take your time, and if you really can't get to all of them, the Hollywood Mansion & Lana Del Rey would be enough for me. Thank you so much, in advance.


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Household requests (tugglables,isleroux,lordkiribati,wondercarlotta8) Empty Re: Household requests (tugglables,isleroux,lordkiribati,wondercarlotta8)

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 13 Mar 2017, 00:57

Welcome to the Forum @chanel and sorry for the really late reply,

The Justin Bieber from maudhuy:

And all sims from tuggables (I found it easier to compile them all in one go, also to make possible future requests about that creator less of an issue for us).

As for the rest, I recognize these creator names. Please check your wishes about those, against what has been already uploaded on the list here:

If needed, you may re-formulate your request. Until then, hope you like these things! Very Happy
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