Sims 2 insert disk error

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Sims 2 insert disk error Empty Sims 2 insert disk error

Post by Blackkittycat13 on Fri 17 Feb 2017, 05:41

I was able to install the core, but when I got to Uni, I get "Insert Disk 1" error, I followed the other two fixes, and neither one worked. I extracted the files to a new folder. I renamed the Uni folder, and I moved it to another location and renamed it. I'm not sure what to do now. I moved the uni file from my document location to my desktop, that didn't work either. Any idea how to by pass this? Thank you.


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Sims 2 insert disk error Empty Re: Sims 2 insert disk error

Post by Guest on Fri 17 Feb 2017, 11:20

A G4TW solution is given HERE

A second (possible) solution:
After installation of the base game, run the TS2_Updater. You can find it HERE
Extract with Winrar
Copy all files and folders to your installationfolder, by default Program Files(x86) - EA Games - The Sims 2.
Files and folders already exist, so overwrite
Your game is now updated and you should be able to install DLC's.

If the above 2 methods fail then download the all-in-one, see HERE
Remove the old installation(s) of Sims-2
Mount the download in Poweriso and click on Setup without a number.
Sims 2 insert disk error Sims2setup_orig
All DLC's incl. basegame will install with 1 click
Language is English by default but can be changed.

Please note: The Sims 2 all-in-one is NOT an official G4TW download !


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