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Post by NicOrigin on Tue 28 Feb 2017, 02:06

[Sorry for my bad english...]

This game had very little wrong with it, i have 47hrs in this game, i like this game, but i'm angry..
The updates of February, have broken the game. NWI (developer) certainly spent no time testing it.

I'm thus going to remain objective by judging before Update. The game is a pleasure for those who don't have the means to make turn ARMA III. The graphics is very satisfactory, the playability is brilliant.

It's a rather tactical game, impossible to rush and to fire no matter how, a good bullet to place is enough to kill if u have no protection. Teamplay is rather important, at the beginning of the game, we have the possibility of choosing its class (Leader-Sniper-Assault...) as well as of choosing how to customize our weapons (bipods-laser-silencer...) and equipments (smoke-more ammo...) with a number limited by point. There are various modes of game (Capture flag-Deathmatch-VIP...), it remains classic. But we are to immerse in the game by the sounds of firings very realistic, the radio communication (vocal voice), effects of fuzziness when a bullet crosses us in quoted by us.

I have never taken so much pleasure in a FPS-TACTICAL (semi-simu) game, some part of the game (especially Co-op) can be fascinating and epic (I love night missions).

Now at present, i would advise this game... maybe not, leave the time in developers (NWI) to settle (maybe) it concerns of Update completely.
If really you are as me (Bad and old PC), take this game only in STEAM offer.

On a note of 20/20, I would give him 17/20 (before update) and 14/20 now.

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