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How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations!

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How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Empty How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations!

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 24 Mar 2017, 14:52

Hello all,

This post contains basic instructions on how you can get involved in the Games4theworld "The Sims 4 Creativity Zone": it will show how you can go about compiling and uploading custom-made content in The Sims 4. As for the time being, I will only focus on sims (households), lots and individual rooms.

Most of you having played The Sims 4 will already be familiar with the process of saving custom-made sims, lots and rooms to the "Library", but in case not, here goes. When you intend to submit creations of The Sims 4, to our Forum here, please also give the game patch version the items were created with. Look at the location Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\GameVersion.txt, to find the game patch version number.

1) Sims

When you start a new savefile in The Sims 4, you will be taken right away to "CAS" (Create-A-Sim), where you can create your first sim-household. At that point, you also have the opportunity to save your sims to the so-called library: this is an in-game database of custom-made creations, in essence. The button "save to library" is located in the top right in CAS.

If you created your household already and want to create new sims for uploading here, you can load up your savegame and household. Then go under "Manage worlds" (click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose "manage worlds", then choose "just go to manage worlds"). Choose a neighborhood then and go under "household management".

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1310

Then choose the tab "unplayed households".

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1410

If you choose a sim-household from there, you can click on the highlighted button, which will take you to the CAS, without the need for cheats.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1510

Then edit the sim as you like in CAS. As soon as you are finished, click in the top right the button "save in library".

Another (easier ?) way to enter CAS after you created your initial household is through cheats. Press and hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C to bring up the cheat console. Type testingcheats true and hit enter. You should get the message "cheats are enabled". Now open up the cheat console again, type cas.fulleditmode and hit enter once more. 

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1610

If you did everything correctly, hold down the SHIFT-key and click on a sim. You should get an option to enter CAS mode as shown here.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1710

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1911

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-2011

You can edit your current sim in CAS; and by clicking on the logo with the "+" next to it you can add another sim (and save each sim separately). Once you are done, you can save the modified sim to your library again. 

2) Lots

In my opinion, things are a bit easier for lots (and rooms). Load up your savegame, then a household, and finally press F2. You can then directly edit your current lot. Once you are finished, click on "save to my library" in the toolbar that is located mid-top on your screen.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-810

Next comes this window: where it says "Parkshore" at the top (the current name of the lot), you can click on it and type your own name for your creation. You can also set the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but in my opinion this is mainly relevant for people who use Origin-versions of The Sims 4, and actually upload stuff to the official Gallery. You can then click the button located in the bottom right corner, to save the lot in your library.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-910

3) Individual rooms

You also have the option to save individual rooms of your house/lot to the library. If you go into buy/build-mode and click somewhere on the ground you should get white outlines, across the edges of the room, as shown here. Click on "Save to my Library" and then on "Save Room" right below. This will just save your room, and leave out everything else on the lot.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1010

4) Compiling stuff: long and hard way

(If you prefer the easy way, skip this, and go right under #5 of this guide). All the items you save in your "Library", will be saved under C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray. For most of you, the contents of the folder will resemble the following screenshot.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1810

Most of you won't be able to determine which files belong to which creation (for a theroretical guide on that issue, see this earlier post). Because I also work on the Games4theworld "The Sims 4 Gallery", I have been looking for ways to make it easier for me to determine which files belong to which creation.

I right-click somewhere in the Tray-folder and then choose..."sort by -> date modified & descending", "group by -> date modified and descending" and also "view -> details". With this setup, individual parts of your creations are grouped together inside the Tray-folder, the file details next to each file will be shown and the latest creation you saved will always display at the very top inside the Tray-folder. 

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-2010

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-1910

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-2110

In addition, I tend to play the game in windowed mode, for various reasons (one of them being able to quickly determine the current time, by looking at Windows' toolbar at the bottom right). That can also help you, if you choose this method: look at the time when you saved the sim/lot/room. And compare that against the information next to each file inside the "Tray-folder": that can help you determine that a particular set of items belongs to a particular creation of yours.

If you are able to pinpoint a set of files as belonging to a particular creation of yours, you can mark these files with the mouse and right-click on them. If you have WinRAR installed, choose "add to archive", and create a .rar file packing those files.

For me personally, this is the easiest way to go about compiling these items. Other people may find this to be difficult though, for various reasons, and might prefer something different, such as the following.

5) Compiling stuff: easy-ish way

A nice third-party tool is The Sims 4 Tray Importer available on the site luniversims.com, specifically under this link (credits to user deevo there for creating this tool !). Download the tool and run the installer-file named "S4TI_inst.exe". HERE is a mirror link for the tool.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-110

Some users said they seemed to be having some "difficulties" with the tool, without being too specific. But in my case, my username folder "The Sims 4" under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4, was the one connected to the DRM-free game. And there were creations in the "Tray"-subfolder. So the tool detected those creations automatically.

If your creations don't show up (immediately) on the left side of the program's main window, click on "File" in the top left, and "Config paths".

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-210

Then uncheck the box "auto-detect". Click on the button with the 3 dots and select the path of where you installed your RELOADED/Games4theworld version of The Sims 4. Click on "OK" to confirm the folder path. Although I highly doubt that this is really necessary to "make creations show up"; on my end I am not entirely familiar with this tool either, so at present I can't give much more additional information beyond that, but I will update this post with new stuff, when time comes.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-310

Either way, when starting up the program your Tray-folder contents should be displayed on the left of the screen. Also take note that the number of creations in the Tray-folder is displayed at the mid-bottom of the program window. Click on the creation on the left you would like to "export" (i.e. prepare for uploading).

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-410

In my example screenshot, the displayed houses were made by user tokulee from the official TS4 Gallery. Selecting a particular creations will bring up the following. You have the choice of whether or not to export the creation with any third-party custom-content. For the purposes of this Forum section, I would recommend choosing the option "export" (i.e. without CC), to make sure the creation can be safely used by users. You can of course mention - in your forum post where you upload your creations - which CC items exactly you used.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Ti-510

Then you get to choose the location where your creation is exported. By default, the files will be packed in a .zip file, which can be safely opened using the program WinRAR (also available from Games4theworld here). Once the .zip file has been packed and saved you can go on about uploading it to a filehosting service.

6) Uploading

For the purposes of this guide, I'll be using MEGA as an example filehosting service. As with many other filehosters, you can create an account there to store files. If you are logged in you can simply drag & drop files from the Windows explorer to the main window in MEGA. Once the item is uploaded, right-click on it an choose "Get link". Choose "link with key" and copy the entire URL.

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Screen34

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Screen38

Now that you copied the link, I recommend you shorten the URL before posting it on the actual Forum here. For this guide I'll be using goo.gl as an example URL shortener. Copy your link from MEGA into the prompt on goo.gl. The resulting 'short URL' can then be posted in your Forum message!

How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations! Screen37

For now, this should do. Good luck, and happy uploading!  pirat

P.S. in the event you have more difficulties or want to ask other questions, please post under "The Sims 4 Support".
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