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TS4 Creativity Zone Guidelines.

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TS4 Creativity Zone Guidelines. Empty TS4 Creativity Zone Guidelines.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 24 Mar 2017, 14:53

Hello all!

The post will outline the main rules for the "TS4 Creativity Zone" here. Before submitting your TS4-creations, please take your time to read through the guidelines.

1.) The purpose of this subsection is to provide a venue dedicated to custom-made creations by Games4theworld users. As of the time being creations include custom-made sims, lots and individual rooms. For the future, depending on the submissions that users make overall and how TS4 turns out in-game wise, we may provide accomodations here for more item types (script mods?, CAS items?, patterns?).

2.) Have a look at the guide "How YOU can submit The Sims 4-creations" HERE, to familiarize yourself with the basic process of creating/compiling stuff, and uploading them. 

3.) For the time being please open a topic in The Sims Emporium first; after which your topic will be moved to the Creativity Zone. We will re-evaluate this intermediary step in the future, but for the time being we disabled the ability for regular users to open a topic directly in the Creativity Zone, to prevent abuse along the lines of "visit my [insert platform here], if you want to download items". In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience.

4.) You do not need to ask an Administrator or Moderator for permission here, to be able to post a download link to your item(s) yourself in your initial submission in The Sims Emporium. Just post the download link(s). A.k.a. submissions for custom-made items are exempt from Forum Rule #7, though of course we still ask that in your initial submission your download link matches what you claim it to be, namely a Sims 4 creation.

5.) We will be operating this Forum subsection under the principle one user = one topic. After your topic has been moved from The Sims Emporium, and you would like to add new stuff, please use your existing topic (that is now located in the Creativity Zone). The topic titles will be named after the creator of the item(s). We also recommend that if you come back to your thread after some time to add more content, that you use the "Post a new reply"-button on your post and insert the new links, so that they become visible more easily to the Forum users. If you merely "Edit" your post, people may not take notice of your newest creations, unlike bumping the thread. You could then also put a little notice at the end of your opening post saying "last upated on [insert date]", to indicate when you added stuff to your message the last time.

6.) Please do not take advantage of this Forum subsection by advertising unrelated warez/torrents/filesharing links/commercial services/unrelated websites/blogs/YouTube channels/social media outlets/etc. As with the rest of the Forum this section will be very closely monitored as well, and any unrelated content will be subject to moderation. Every submission of a TS4-creation on the Forum must have a download link directly in the thread; otherwise it may be considered as advertising and hence removed (i.e. please do not post messages along the lines of "visit my blog/website/YouTube channel to download items"). By "having a download link directly in the thread", we imply that you upload the items to filehosting services such as MediaFire, MEGA, GoogleDrive or similar services; if you need help with that, the G4TW team will gladly assist you in that. Case in point, we would very much like this to be exclusively about the Forum of Games4theworld, the users and their very own creativity.

7.) For the type of creations in this subsection, pictures are important. We strongly suggest you add one or two pictures to each of your creation, in your message! Very Happy  Are you allowed to supplement these pictures with a (YouTube) video? Unless you are a G4TW team member, then no. Like all other users, feel free to edit your profile and a put a link to your blog/website/YouTube channel/etc. under "Information". Everything else will be interpreted as disallowed advertising, and regardless of your own "intentions".

8.) If you are using custom content for your creations, please try and give proper reference to these CC. If you are using lots of custom-made clothing, hairstyles or makeup on a sim, you don't necessarily have to reference every single individual item of course (needless to say, who even keeps track of that?). But it wouldn't be bad if you still tried naming as many of the CC items as you can, and also give credit to the original creator(s). If you do not know the name of the original creator(s) of your CC, at least mention "credits go to the original creators, whose names I do not recall".

9.) If your submissions are based on creations of other people, please consider giving proper credit to the original creator(s). Or at the very least mention "credits go to the original creators, whose names I do not recall".

10.) Please also mention on which game patch version of The Sims 4 you playtested your creations on. You can find the game patch version number in the GameVersion.txt file, located under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. In general, custom content like sims, houses and rooms will work on the patch versions they were created on, plus subsequent patch versions. But they will not necessarily work in patch versions lower than the one they were created with.

11.) There are no limits on the number of submissions you can make! With that being said we hope you will like this new Forum venue, and as always: have fun, and be creative!

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