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Kabiru Touray - My Sim

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Kabiru Touray - My Sim Empty Kabiru Touray - My Sim

Post by romantyke on Sun 18 Jun 2017, 20:21

Hello guys!


I'm offering you my own very Sim I worked on since last autumn.

This Sim is myself, physically. The same face as my profile face on here. I have worked all fall, winter and this spring on it to maximize skills, skill challenges, lifetime rewards, career history, have the perfect University Degrees, have maximized Celebrity stats and Social Group Stats too, abilities to make always perfect meals (and I mean it, EVERY meal is ALWAYS perfect). And also so many more. The writing skill came up last. It was the last thing to finish, and I did it today. It was awfully long. My wrist is awfully sore. I also put in my own traits, rearranged family funds to regular 20000 Simoleons, and roll backed his lifetime happiness count to zero (but it still has all the lifetime rewards!)

Okay, so... My Sim is a Young Adult. He is Black like I am, very bulky and muscular (I train every day in real life). My Sim is wearing a few clothes from the Store Stuff, and has been created and worked on with all EPs, SPs, Store Stuff from YOUR website, and has got some help bulking it to perfection using Nraas Mods like Master Controller, Debug Enabler, and Overwatch for very long times in the same game.

My Sim is a Ringer Up-Er (I'm a receptionist in real life too, at a library), and I made him wear good clothes for all base outfits (Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Training, Swimsuit, Career, and Outerwear.) My Sim also has EVERY special clothes unlocked in both CREATE A SIM and by using a dresser in his house -- it includes very special wears like Butler's outfit, graduation robes, and such.

My Sim has all adventures VISA to Level three -- France, China and Egypt. It also has maximised adventures rewards. My Sim also is having sevcen traits, and two of them are social and graduation bonus traits. They are Athletic (although I'm a heavy smoker, I train everyday and have got very ripped), Natural Cook (yes, I cook like a pro. I had children once, and a former husband -- that was three years ago now.), Brave (I'm not afraid of anything -- except depression), Hopeless Romantic (Yes, I'm gay, but I am more of a heart than body guy), Handy (I am quite crafty in real life), Family-Oriented (I love children, and I love my family -- a lot), and Neat (I CANNOT stand germs! I think i'm OCD-ish about it).

What else? My Sim is free to use anywhere, stories for Youtube, rallies, contests and such. I give it freely to everyone for use and such. I don't mind credit stuff and that. You can use it anytime and anyway you want. 

I hope you'll like it.

Cordially and with very respectful regards,
Kabiru Touray

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