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Sims 4 Challenge I wrote Empty Sims 4 Challenge I wrote

Post by VintageFan007 on Wed 21 Jun 2017, 17:22

Hi all! I wrote a Sims 4 Challenge based around the 1984 film 'Children of the Corn' and I wanted to share it with you guys Smile

This challenge is inspired by the 1984 Stephen King film 'Children of the Corn' one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Well, movies in general too. Smile

I had a lot of fun coming up with this challenge and I hope you guys have a lot of fun with it too.

Mods/CC Needed {Optional} {Teen Pregnancy (on its own without adult stuff or marriage)

Create 8 {4 of each} children/teens of any gender they can have any traits you want but they must have the Evil trait and dress in either overalls/farm wear. Nothing too fabulous I know. Smile This will be your starting 'cult'. I would suggest making one teen a YA then using cheats, age them down again.
Move them into an empty lot the bigger the better and either build them a small home and/or a large field using only Outdoor Retreat items. {beds, campfire, ect} with a special section for the leader of the cult.
Grow a large garden full of fruits and vegetables. This will be your source of income as well as your food.
No electronics what so ever! They may have very little things to play with {such as things that can be considered 'games'/'fun'} but a few things are ok.
Choose one of the children to be your 'leader'. This is the sim that is in charge of everyone in the 'cult' and will decide what happens to all the adults and the aged up teens {more on that in a minute.}
Buy the Book of Chaos and keep it in the leader's bedroom/part of the lot.

The other seven teens/children must be on the lookout for any adult that shows up on their lot {outlanders} as well as tending to the garden and house/lot and going fishing for food as well as gathering collectables to sell.  
Once an adult passes your lot, you must have one of the children interact with them, trying to get them to come onto the lot. Once they do, you can add them to your active family if you want to keep them from leaving, keeping them captive but you don't have to.
I prefer capturing them one at a time but you can do multipule adults at once if you want. It all depends if you're using the 'Full House' mod or not and how much room in the cult you have left. 

At 12:00 midnight at night on the night, or the night after depending on the time, you capture an adult, a large fire must be lit with all the children sitting around it. {Just for the feel of the challenge} Smile 
It is now time to preform the 'sacrfice.' 

Use a random number generator and, as the leader, roll from 1-9.  This will be how the sacrfice will be preformed.
1: Throw poisoned drink at...
2: the Kiss of Flames
3: Embarass sim to death
4: Electricute a Sim
5: Stab to death {using the serial killer mod}
6: Drown sim in pee
7: Burn Sim
8: the Kiss of Death
9: Give heart attack
Once an adult has been killed, start looking for outlanders all over again the next day.
Once a notification comes up that it's a teen's birthday, wait until they age up by themselves then that night is their 'birthday ritual' where a sacrfice will take place.
Roll from 1-9 again and kill them with that number.
After the YA from the cult is 'sacrficed', have one of the children interact with  any child/teen you see passing by your lot before adding them to your active family and give them a makeover, dressing them like the other children. They are now a part of the cult.
The leader may never be killed. Once a teen or YA, the leader may choose a female member {male member if you have a female leader} of the cult and get pregnant. The baby will be the new leader once he/she ages up to a child. You do not have to do this, it's just one of two options.
If you have toddlers, the mother {if you have a male leader} or father {for a female leader} may only take care of the child. 
Once your leader dies, if he/she does not have a child, roll the dice with however many members you have left and whichever child that is, they are the new leader.

This will be repeated over and over until you get tired of playing Smile
If you have any questions feel free to ask them down below.

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- The_gh0stm4n

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