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A Formal Thank You

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A Formal Thank You Empty A Formal Thank You

Post by Guest on Mon 17 Jul 2017, 21:47

I was referred by a friend to come and visit this website when I couldn't play Sims 2 anymore on my old computer. I really missed playing it since I was struggling with personal issues at the time. When I heard that the Sims 2 (and all its stuff packs & expansions were included) was out for free on EA, I got it immediately only to run into the graphics bug that the company did not even bother to take the time to fix. So basically I believed EA sent out a free classic sim game that is technically broken. Why God. Talk about a slap in the face...

That was when I first met you all here and downloaded a graphical fix and the game played very well as if it was brand new. Yeap it was pretty much a very very long time ago, but I always take the time to visit here to see what you had in store. And you all have done so much and dedicated so much time to the Sims series. So now here I am to say THANK YOU! For all the beloved work you have done and with such dedication. Again Thank You! cheers 

ElDi's Seal (And I love these emoji's!)


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