Dim/darkened screen - Sims 3 on Windows 10

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Dim/darkened screen - Sims 3 on Windows 10 Empty Dim/darkened screen - Sims 3 on Windows 10

Post by Nori on Sun 30 Jul 2017, 19:58

Ok so I've seen many Windows 8 users experienced this problem and I tried using the recommendations to hopefully fix it in my game.

Unfortunately nothing worked.

I have Windows 10 and I figured I might as well create a new topic that relates specifically to that OS in case that makes any difference (I never experienced anything like it on my old W7 laptop).

I have a NVIDIA graphics card and the drivers are up to date, I can easily run the game at the highest graphics settings.

I can't, however get rid of the darkness that persists in my game soon after loading a save - it does not affect the CAS or the interface, just the town that I am playing in. It also doesn't matter if I use a full screen or window.

I tried checking and unchecking compability both through the launcher>properties as well as by stopping the Program Compatibility Assistant Service in

I tried starting the game on high, mid and low graphics settings. I tried optimizing the game with GeForce Experience tool.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Sad


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