Sims 3 Stopped working

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Sims 3 Stopped working Empty Sims 3 Stopped working

Post by jadenblah on Sat 12 Aug 2017, 07:25

So.. I just downloaded Sims 3 Seasons,now my Sims 3 has become, "sims3launcher stopped working" ive tried opening it without the launcher. Doesnt work either. Ive tried the Ultimate Fix, also. No difference. When trying the manual patch, i get this error that "no version of the sims 3 exists" and "you must have a previous version installed" Ugh. Can someone  please help Sad( Why God. Why God. Im using a non-pirated version of sims 3 and i have two bought EPS installed (late night, high end loft stuff)7


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Sims 3 Stopped working Empty Re: Sims 3 Stopped working

Post by MilosGamerSRB on Thu 24 Aug 2017, 22:44

Good evening,

I don't think you can really use original The Sims 3 launcher and an expansion pack from G4TW, because you didn't crack the game in the first place.

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