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Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels

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Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels Empty Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels

Post by Guest on Fri 01 Sep 2017, 11:15

been playing on and off for 2 years, really getting into it lately. If your looking for a really fun RPG with loads of rewards, this is the one.

Though it's a free to play -aka- pay to play, i've never spent a dime on this game, and through focus and hard work you can really do alot with this game without spending money.



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Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels Empty Re: Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels

Post by candesco on Sun 15 Oct 2017, 08:12

Used to play this one as well. I played it on R2 games. Forgot the server where i played on. Created a guild, later merged with an other and eventually became the leader of that one. Stopped, then returned for a while and then quit for good.
Also played it on kabam, there it is called angel alliance. There is now also a sequel to it; League of Angels II.
I would like to say that free to play does not mean it's pay to play. Pay to play is a different concept. Think of subscription based mmo's, such as World of Warcraft. Free to play is normallywise totallyfree, though often it is with microtransactions. You have next to this also the buy to play concept, where you need to buy once to play it. Black Desert is a buy to play game.
League of Angels however is more a pay to win game. You can get a VIP subsciption which gives you huge avantage over those who don't spent a dime. Next to that there is a starterpack which gives you an angel with far better stats then the ones you get for free at the beginning. I have to admit that i've done both; got the starterpack and vip subscription.
Alot of browsergames are p2w, if not most of it. Especially at portals like Aeria games, R2, Kabam, Bigpoint.
Have to say that next to League of Angels i've played Wartune as well as also Knight's Fable, Drakensang Online, Monkey King Online, Scarlet Blade, Tynon and few others where i forgot the name from. Now i don't play them anymore, well, now and then.  I went to full MMO's instead, such as Aion and Black Desert.

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Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels Empty Re: Free to play browser RPG- League of Angels

Post by Guest on Tue 21 Nov 2017, 06:27

in the original League of Angels you can get vip without spending cash though, you just need to save your diamond rewards to get it. and with each month you add to vip the cost drops 100 diamonds. i believe first month is 699 diamonds, if you add another month before the month ends the next month would cost you 599, the next 499 and so on, til it reaches its drop limit which is 299 if i remember correctly. which would be your final monthly price for vip from then on.

i finally stopped playing again 2 weeks ago. the game was just too addictive. i loved the game, but i just didnt have time for other things i loved to do. i'll go back again someday, i always do. usually a year later. lol i can only handle 4 months at a time before i feel the need to break away lol.


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