Is this illegal?

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Is this illegal? Empty Is this illegal?

Post by parker on Thu 07 Sep 2017, 15:50

Hey guys, I don't know if I'm right here, but my question is really important. I wanted to download Sims 3, but I've read that it's illegal to download games with utorrent. I'm confused. Is that correct?


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Is this illegal? Empty Re: Is this illegal?

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Thu 07 Sep 2017, 16:30

@parker wrote:
Hey guys, I don't know if I'm right here, but my question is really important. I wanted to download Sims 3, but I've read that it's illegal to download games with utorrent. I'm confused. Is that correct?

Hello and welcome to the Forum @parker,

The most honest answer is: it depends on who you ask. Without going into more detailed explanations here (I'll leave most of that to the pseudo-political pundits/commentators), it is possible that when you download something "illegal" - such as games - then you may get a warning letter from your ISP. That can especially be the case if you live in countries like the US, UK, Germany or Israel. Probably some more countries as well. In case this happens, see the Forum FAQ under II. General questions about the downloads -> I got a message from my ISP because of 'copyright violation'.

G4TW wrote:We are very sorry to hear that. It is unfortunately a widespread practice in some countries that Internet Service Providers are closely monitoring certain types of internet traffic. In most cases, these messages that internet-subscribers receive seem to be automated, and actual legal consequences tend to be rare (are authorities going to punish every kid or adult downloading something?!). However, it is possible that your internet subscription may be cancelled by the ISP. At this point, we can only emphasize that problems along these lines are out of our hand, and it will be your responsibility in the first place to make certain arrangements prior to torrenting. However, what we can give you, are some general guidelines on what could be done:

Is this illegal? Icon_arrow  Is it possible for you to switch your Internet Service Provider?

Is this illegal? Icon_arrow  Do you torrent frequently, or only sometimes? If you don't use torrents very often, you could ask a family member or friend to help you out on this - if they agree of  course.

Is this illegal? Icon_arrow  Many people use so-called VPNs for torrenting purposes. These are services (which cost money), that have the capability to mask your internet traffic in such a way as to make it either very difficult, or even impossible for your ISP to 'identify' your torrenting activities. Check out the discussion-topic here to learn more.

Is this illegal? Icon_arrow  In general, we don't recommend that you simply 'ignore' these warning letters by your ISP, unless you have made sure (through your own research) that there won't be any consequences for you in doing so. For further information, and if possible for you, you could try seeking the advice of a professional legal counsel (lawyer) on this matter, who is familiar with the legal situation of torrenting in your local area or country.

Other than that, I don't think there is much else to say for now. Bear in mind that you can't prosecute every kid or adult torrenting something. Should you still be afraid of doing that, then that is of course your decision, and fine as well.

Edit: for a guide on how to use torrents, see this here.

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