After playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashes.

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After playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashes. Empty After playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashes.

Post by blueathene on Sun 01 Oct 2017, 20:29

hi, i'm sorry to reply in here for bringing this issue, unfortunately i couldn't do 'open a new topic' because it said 'sorry, but only users granted special access can post topics in this forum' also new reply in all of related topics because they're locked Wat. Yes, i'm new here, so maybe there's something i've missed. However replying to this topic is the only ideas comes out from my mind.

anyway. i download all the sims 3 games from and installed it on my PC. However, after playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashed and there was a pop up dialog said 'the sims 3 has stopped working'. And it always happens every time I played the sims 3 (especially this issue happened when I went to build mode or traveled to other worlds) 

I had done all of step correctly from your previous forum (, also downloaded and applied the latest patch ultimate fix, but unfortunately it doesn't work at all. Any solutions for my problem?

thank you very much and you guys are the best!  All Hail Carlos!

P.S my PC's spec: laptop ASUS X455D type. Processor AMD QuadCore A10 8700P-1.8Ghz Turbo 3.2Ghz, RAM 4 GB, VGA Dual AMD RADEON R5 M330-2GB.

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After playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashes. Empty Re: After playing it in 5-10 minutes, it always crashes.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Mon 02 Oct 2017, 17:52

Hello and welcome to the Forum @blueathene,

You can/should try the suggestions here:

In particular steps #2 (DEP exclusions) and #4 (Vetical Sync). Good luck!

P.S. keep in mind as well, that in general, laptops are not really made for gaming purposes. if you are still having difficulties, another possibility could be to try uninstalling some of the expansions or stuffpacks that you do not like.

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