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Test - FAQ for The Sims 4.

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Test - FAQ for The Sims 4. Empty Test - FAQ for The Sims 4.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Fri 06 Oct 2017, 17:43

I.) Downloads-related questions:

#01) Where can I find the most up-to-date guide about The Sims 4:
You can find it under this link. The thread gets updated every time there is a new update on The Sims 4.

#02) Do I have to install these items in that order:
Yes, you must keep in mind the specific install order that is described in the TS4 Must-Read guide. We would not have gone through the efforts of writing up such a guide, if it were not necessary to keep such an order... I'm so happy emergaw

#03) I cannot see a torrent for Dine Out or Outdoor Retreat:
Games4theworld's older Sims 4-releases used to pack these DLCs in a 'condensed' form. Dine Out is part of our "City Living"-torrent, and Outdoor Retreat is included in our "Get to Work"-release. See again the link under question #1 here. At the beginning, you have a listing as to the contents of each G4TW-Sims 4 release.

#04) The downloads are in a weird file format:
Games4theworld always packs their downloads in the .rar file format. It's recommended to use the program WinRAR for extracting the contents. You can find a download for WinRAR on the official downloads-page or alternatively HERE

#05) The basegame cannot install in any other location than C:
We apologize for this inconvenience, which we did not realize until after we released the basegame for The Sims 4. But you can move the installation folder "The Sims 4", after installing the base game, onto another hard-drive.

#06) How can I move the installation to another hard-drive/USB-flash:
We strongly recommend that at first you install at least the items from the base game until and including "City Living". After that you can simply move the install folder of The Sims 4 manually, to another location. Note that your savefiles and custom content will still be located on the C: drive though, by default.

#07) How can I have my savefiles located elsewhere than on the C:
You can create symbolic links, see for example the tutorial HERE (although it is written for The Sims 3, it can be applied analogously to The Sims 4 as well). There are also third-party tools that can help you create symbolic links more easily though, feel free to google for those. Another method is that Windows Vista/7 and later provide an integrated option to have the entire "Documents"-folder relocated, even to another hard-drive. Press the Windows key + E and look for the folder "Documents". Right-click on it, go under Properties, and then the tab Location. Browse for your desired new location for the "Documents"-folder. Note that this will move your ENTIRE Documents-folder, though. So not just the folder for The Sims 4.

#08) How can I uninstall The Sims 4:
You can do so by simply deleting the entire installation folder for The Sims 4. If possible though for you, we recommend that prior to doing so, you back up the installation folder, to an external hard-drive or a big-enough USB-flash. So that in case you decide to play the game again at some point in the future, you can easily restore it, without having to re-download/re-install.

#09) I bought the basegame for The Sims 4 on Origin, can I add cracked DLC to it:
Unfortunately that is not possible.

#10) I bought DLC on Origin, can I add Games4theworld's base game to them:
You cannot purchase "just" DLC of any game on Origin, without also having the base game in your library of purchased games. That said, you cannot add a cracked base game to your Origin account.

#11) Do you have direct download links for your TS4-stuff:
Generally speaking: no. We specialize in torrents only. However, should you for some reason be unable to use torrents, someone may get in touch with you "unofficially". Stay tuned for further guidance in such a case. What a Face 

II.) Technical problems:

#12) My anti-virus keeps deleting the game files:
You have to make sure to configure your Windows Defender & Anti-virus software in a way, so that the files are not (easily) picked up by the security software. Oftentimes you have so-called "exclusion locations", that you need to configure. Meaning, you have to set the install folder-path of your Sims 4, to these exclusion locations. For the most part you will need to learn on your own how to set exclusions and deal with particular software. There are so many different programs out there that it wouldn't be practical for us to go into more detail, or even create instruction videos. After you set the exclusions, download the set of files here, and then extract the contents of the .rar with WinRAR. You will get a few files. Copy and paste these files under C:\Program files (x86)\The Sims 4\Game\Bin.

#13) I am getting the "Origin must be running"-error:
When you install Games4theworld's base game of The Sims 4, the game will be installed to C:\Program files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. Later torrent releases of DLC remind you (in their included installation guides) to MOVE the installation folder, under C:\Program files\The Sims 4 - so out of the folder Electronic Arts. Other than that, see question #3) above as well.

#14) Can I download items from the Gallery with Games4theworld's Sims 4 release:
Due to technical reasons, it is not possible anymore to download Gallery items with pirated games, sorry.

#15) Can you download Gallery items for me:
You can check out the Forum thread here, which has item collections posted, by various uploaders. Check the information in the post about how to use those items properly. We also used to have a section where users could request an individual set of Gallery items, but due to a lack of (wo)manpower - in terms of our staff - to keep up with the demand, the section has been suspended indefinitely.

#16) When should I use the "Ultimate Fix" for The Sims 4:
We only have an "Update-Only Ultimate Fix" nowadays that is meant for people only who have the base game of The Sims 4, and no DLC. Use it only if

Arrow  You have a slow internet connection (making it difficult for you to download the entire pack)
Arrow  Or an older computer (on which you cannot reasonably run the game and all DLCs)
Arrow  Or you want to test the (base)game of The Sims 4 before downloading the entire DLC pack

You can find the Ultimate Fix-page here.

#17) My Sims 4-game is crashing all the time:
You can try adding the game to the "DEP exclusions" in your Windows settings, try activating the Vertical sync-option, in the game menu about the graphics, and even check any of your mods/custom content. See the crashing-troubleshooter-guide for more details.

#18) I am getting the error "MSVCP120.dll is missing" or "procedure entry point could not be found":
After installing the game go under C:\Program files (x86)\The Sims 4\__Installer\vc\vc2013\redist. Double-click on both files there and follow the on-screen instructions for installing those C++ runtimes. For more details please see the post here.

III.) In-game issues:

#19) How can I install mods and custom content in The Sims 4:
After installing the game for the first time, you must start the game. Once you get to the main menu, please exit the game. Then go under the following location on your computer. C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods. Inside the folder "Mods", you can insert most of your custom content. For more details please see the guide here.

#20) How can I install downloaded sims/households or houses:
After installing the game for the first time, you must start the game. Once you get to the main menu, please exit the game. Then go under the following location on your computer. C:\Users\(your username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray. Inside the folder "Tray", you can insert your items. For a more elaborate guide on the "Tray"-folder, see the tutorial here.

#21) Where can I find the latest patch change log for The Sims 4:
You can find the changelog of EA HERE.

#22) My in-game textures have question marks and patches all over them...:
If you downloaded the Sims 4 releases from Games4theworld, make sure that you always use the program WinRAR for extracting them. Also, if you use custom content, please make sure those items are compatible with your patch version of the game.

#23) Where can I find the patch version number of the game:
Go under C:\Users\(your name)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ and find a file named GameVersion.txt. Open it, and look at the number in the text file. That is your current installation's patch version.

#24) How can I find out if custom content is compatible with my patch version:
Unfortunately there is no 100% surefire way. You essentially have to read any descriptions or instructions provided by the custom content-creator. You can assume though that custom content - unless otherwise stated - will work with the patch version that is currently circulating for EA's versions of The Sims 4. To find out about this latest (EA) patch version, look above under #17), for a link to the official changelog of EA.

#25) My downloaded houses and sims are a jumble of files, how can I know what's what:
There is a tool out there called "The Sims 4 Tray Importer". Look under THIS LINK HERE. Using the tool should be straightforward, and it will allow you to export only the houses/sims that you want. Smile

#26) I downloaded too many custom-made sims or houses, and now when I scroll through my Library it lags:
Unfortunately we can't give you an easier solution other than not using so many items at once. You can use the "Tray Importer" (see #23 above) to filter your items and remove unwanted ones.

#27) How can I delete cache files in The Sims 4:
Go under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\ and delete the following:
Arrow  localthumbschace.package
Arrow  the contents inside folder "cache" (not the actual "cache" folder though!)
Arrow  and the contents inside the folder "cachestr" (not the actual "cachestr" folder though!)

#28) Some of my custom content doesn't show up in-game:

Arrow  Are you sure you inserted them in the right location? Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
Arrow  Read any available descriptions or instructions provided by the person who created the custom content.
Arrow  In the game menu, under "Game Options", make sure the box Laptop Mode is not marked.
Arrow  Sometimes it can also help to use a modified Resource.cfg file. Download it HERE and then insert it under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods. This will especially benefit those of you who have lots of subfolders within "Mods".

#29) I can't enable mods and custom content anymore:
Go under Options Menu> Game Options > Other > and use the option Restore Defaults. That is going to re-enable all options. You'll have to go back and fix what ever custom settings you may have set (graphics/sound/game play) and then restart your game. Everything should be working after that.

#30) How can I add custom music to the game:
What you should do at first is to choose a radio in-game, and briefly tune in to all radio channels. Then save/exit the game. Now go under Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Custom Music. And there you should see subfolders for the names of each radio channel in-game. Insert your custom music files, in the .mp3 file format, in the subfolders that you want. Note that the files must be in the SUBfolders, such as "Alternative", "Blues", "Classical", etc.

#31) The options menu shows a 'Retro' radio station. Where is it in-game:
You can only listen to the "Retro"-station on the radio that is named "Venue Wall Speaker: Retro", in buymode.

IV.) Questions about future TS4-releases:

#32) Can I update my cracked game:
Unless you use ZLORIGIN, no, you can't.

#33) When will the new 'offline'/non-ZLORIGIN update be available to us:
We don't know.

#34) If I have a legit basegame, can I transfer the update to my cracked game:
No, you can't. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

#35) Why is this taking so long:
We can't be sure, but it's probably a bit more difficult to crack games these days. So they will not crack every single update.

#36) Can I copy my friend's game files to update my game?:
No, you can't. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

#37) Does anyone here know how to crack the game?:
Sorry but, no. If we did, we'd do it. The other problem is, that even if we knew how to crack that game we would still need access to a base game of The Sims 4 with all commercially available DLC. Which we don't.

#38) Will this new content be available at some point?:
You can count on that, but we have no way of knowing when.

#39) How can you be sure it won't be soon?:
We can't. But don't get your hopes up just yet. Be patient.

#40) You can request a crack here [insert link]:
No, you can't. Those sites are fake and you're not supposed to post outside links. Please take note of Forum rule #7 here. Also note: the Administrators on the Forum, the Minecraft-server and the Facebook-page of Games4theworld reserve the right to ban users if outside links are posted contrary to the Forum rules, especially if the violations happen repeatedly.

#41) I have found the crack! [Insert link]:
No, you haven't. You will be taken through a survey and at the end of it, you have nothing, and they have earned money. And, you're not supposed to post outside links. Please take note of Forum rule #7 here. Also note: the Administrators on the Forum, the Minecraft-server and the Facebook-page of Games4theworld reserve the right to ban users if outside links are posted contrary to the Forum rules, especially if the violations happen repeatedly.

#42) Reloaded/Skidrow has a website where you can request cracks and ...:
Stop right there, because they do not have a website. These websites are fan-made. While we cannot exclude the possibility that the people running these sites are in some way "in touch" with the people cracking the games, these scenegroups will create the crack whenever they want/have time. Hundreds of people requesting a crack will NOT make them go any faster.
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