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G4TW Facebook Page SUSPENDED, until further notice.

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G4TW Facebook Page SUSPENDED, until further notice. Empty G4TW Facebook Page SUSPENDED, until further notice.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Wed 01 Nov 2017, 18:25

Dear users,

Those of you who knew Games4theworld for several years, may have also taken notice of the Facebook Page, located formerly under the URL here:

The Page was used for Support on G4TW's downloads and other stuff that the team could help with. Plus a mix of on-/off-topic status updates. I myself have been posting on the page a few times, under the handle as ^VM back then. Not long ago I have been informed and advised by the head of the social media division (^g4tw), to dissolve operations on the Page due to "security concerns", that were not specified more closely, however.

Whatever one might think about the nature of Games4theworld's main work, if any linking was done, it was always to pages and websites under the control of G4TW. Unlike certain other Pages we never really spammed these status updates with direct links to other filehosting/torrenting services. Likewise, to the best of my recollection at least, there was never anything closely posted to "nudity" or "sexuality": very common pretexts to get rid of Pages which are either politically uncomfortable or otherwise maintain an agenda that runs contrary to certain powers-that-be.

I did not ask for clarification, but those heads-ups are generally accurate, and to be taken seriously.

A few words regarding the future procedure. This will NOT influence our work on the Forum. We will continue maintaining the Forum as usual. I want to emphasize again, that you do not need to create a Forum account for reading up on the threads here - unlike on many other Forums these days. You can read up on all these threads as a guest user too, and freely use the search function as well. A main motivation for many users was to use the FB Page because they were reluctant to create another account on a website, and remember the login credentials. We will of course also keep up with new TS4 updates, until the end. As for the other issue the FB page was used for - recovery of Forum account credentials - we will in the long run see to make arrangements for a new (dummy) e-mail address that you can then send a message too, should you need help with the recovery of your Forum account.

That being said, it is therefore now my (uncomfortable) task to dissolve the social media division, at least until further notice. On behalf of the administration and the G4TW-team, the social media division is relieved from their duties.

Edit (22-11-2017), moved from "News" to the basket.
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G4TW RETIRED Gatekeeper Inspector General / Security Attaché

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