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*Preparations* for the upcoming TS4 "Cats & Dogs" DLC.

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*Preparations* for the upcoming TS4 "Cats & Dogs" DLC. Empty *Preparations* for the upcoming TS4 "Cats & Dogs" DLC.

Post by The_gh0stm4n on Tue 07 Nov 2017, 08:05

Dear users,

Most of you by now will know: there is a new DLC for The Sims 4 coming out on November 10th, focusing around "Pets". As usual Games4theworld will also provide a torrent release for that in due course. While it's impossible to give an ETA for the exact torrent release, there are still some tips to get you prepared for when it does come.

1) New users should check out the TS4 Must-Read Guide, which details the procedure on how to use Games4theworld's TS4 releases thus far. I would recommend that you try installing all available DLC so far (not just because the game is so limited in its game features, but also because you will need to do so in order to prepare for the "Pets"-release).

2) Make sure to have enough hard-drive space available. As of now, if you installed all available DLC up to and including "Toddlers Stuff", your installation of The Sims 4 will amount to approximately 22.3 GB - of course not counting any mods/custom content. Try having at the very least circa 30GB available when the new DLC does come out.

3) Anti-virus & Windows Defender problems are still present unfortunately; new users can have a look at the introductory guide about anti-virus basics in order to get them started. If you are on Windows 10 and have "just" Windows Defender, the situation can be a bit more problematic due to the latest updates apparently causing Windows Defender to be more aggressive. A possible counter-balance to that issue can be found here.

4) Please also try reviewing any custom content and (script) mods that you may have installed at present, to avoid surprises when the "Pets"-DLC comes out. As a rule of thumb, script mods should be removed since they tend to work only for once specific patch version of the game. As of more lately, the game seems to have introduced some counter-measures on its own in order to prevent problems related to custom content, in that "enabling" custom content is made somewhat more difficult. Check out this topic on what you could do in case that happens.

5) There have also been some questions as to why there has been no G4TW torrent release for those intermediary updates on version 1.34 or 1.35. The general policy of Games4theworld has always been to skip minor updates, and focus more on the major stuff. Barely anybody cares about mini-patches that do not really fix any bugs, and will only destroy your ability to use your script mods, that you presumably spent quite some time compiling. Someone also showed me an alleged torrent for the 1.35 patch update. After closer inspection it turned that apparently the person who compiled the update took the 1.35 update files from zlOrigin and "implanted" the (offline) 1.33 crack on it. According to the source the game "works", but we are not able to independently verify this. We advise that you do not use any of these updates, and if you are still impatient please use zlOrigin in the meantime in order to play with the game version 1.35. From a purely technical standpoint these methods are well-meaning and very daring (presumably using a program like WinMerge for extracting the new updates downloaded through zlOrigin, using an old crack to make the thing run, etc.), but in the end it's not really how we on G4TW here operate with regards to The Sims 4. There is no offline-crack out yet for game version 1.35. When the torrent does come out however, we will also post just the Game-folder for the new update, so that the people using zlOrigin can grab just this folder, and then play their installation offline/without having to log into zClient-servers.

6) Want to discuss about the upcoming DLC or share your thoughts? Feel free to do so in the ongoing discussion here. Have fun everybody and stay tuned for more to come!

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