Sims 2 Complete Collection problem with pets

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Sims 2 Complete Collection problem with pets Empty Sims 2 Complete Collection problem with pets

Post by kirbpop on Sun 12 Nov 2017, 02:35

First of all, thanks for Games4theworld for all the Sims game downloads here! I've been using their downloads for quite a time now and this is my first time registering on the site.

Anyways, so I downloaded the Sims 2 Complete Collection and installed it smoothly though the process was a bit tiring with all the expansion packs hahaha. I also installed all the store and pre-order items. So I boot up the game and created a sim, put in a few lots and an apartment for my sim to live on. 

Then I loaded the subhoods (Downtown, Business District, Vacations, etc.) but when I was about to place some Universities, the splash/banner screen thing had black boxes where the sims where supposed to be sitting. Going into the University subhood also had some of the icons with black boxes. Some of the items on buy mode also had no thumbnails and just had "No Pic" pictures.

So I searched the internet and found a Family Fun Stuff patch and University Life patch. I applied them both, followed the instructions and then booted the game again. University stuff is now fixed! But, now the pet splash/banner thing has black boxes. Instead of pictures the Sims it was just black boxes! And the bark sound effect when clicking the pet icon is gone. I haven't actually tried owning a pet to see if it actually affects the game but some of the pet items have "No Pic" thumbnails. If it helps, I've got some mods installed (mostly bug fixes to avoid hood corruption) and a clean neighbourhood. But I tried removing all mods and use the EA/Maxis default neighbourhood but the pets screen still has black boxes.

I'm worried that I've got missing things in my game Sad 
I understand that the University Life is an experimental patch, but is there no other way to fix this?

TL;DR Installed Sims 2 Complete Collection. Used Family Fun Stuff and University Life patch to fix black box and missing icons in Universities. That's fixed but now Pet screen now has the black boxes.

//Update: Was able to fix it by reinstalling everything. Turns out you have to install each EP and SP in it's own separate folder. Didn't know that oops hahahaha. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone  tongue Everything in the game is running fine now. Lock or delete this thread I guess

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