Sims 3 Installation Issue

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Sims 3 Installation Issue Empty Sims 3 Installation Issue

Post by janushyman on Mon 14 May 2018, 12:05

Hello G4TW!

I'm installing Sims 3 (pick and choose packs) and I encounter this error

Sims 3 Installation Issue Errori10
Sims 3 Installation Issue Erroru10

So I checked my installer folder and found a txt file that opens in notepad. The file name is content_version. So what is the solution here?

This issue also happened when I install the University Life EP.. It is also looking for the file content_version. (which is to be found in the installer folder. I'm not missing this file.)

I already uninstall and re-install the whole sims 3 and do the process over again (for 3 times now)

I am following this instruction posted here on forum:


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