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Salutations! Empty Salutations!

Post by Guest on Tue 26 Jun 2018, 20:12

Hello, I'm Tali and I found your forum via a former roommate. I decided to stop lurking today and make an account because I wanted to get to know people and participate in conversations. I'm a 35 year old mother obsessed with the Sims games, all the way back to those first baby steps in Sims 1 all the way into 4 today and hope to see a 5 someday. 

I am mostly an Xbox gamer these days but Sims is my addiction for pc and that will never change. Hope to chat with people soon!


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Salutations! Empty Re: Salutations!

Post by Dracos66 on Tue 26 Jun 2018, 23:17

Welcome to G4TW. Make yourself at home and give us a shout if/when you need some help. Very Happy
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