Chapter 11 Best in Show Finals Glitch

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Chapter 11 Best in Show Finals Glitch Empty Chapter 11 Best in Show Finals Glitch

Post by simlicker69 on Thu 28 Jun 2018, 04:08

Hey guys! 

Avid Sims player here, I'm encountering a glitch I've never seen before. When I get to chapter 11 "Best in Show Finals" and I get out of my car to go to the show the camera pans around the stadium and shows the title of the chapter, then prompts me to check in. Seems normal right? Well, as I start to click around, within about 4 seconds the intro camera paneling and asking me to check in happens again. I'm caught in a loop of the camera paneling and being told to sign in, anyone else have this problem? I'm on a Mac so I figured that may be the root cause.


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